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Confronting Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

May 17, 2016 @ 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

Confronting Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation event, May 17 2016, Manchester

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image 8Following on from the inaugural conference Safeguarding Children: Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation, Open Forum Events are delighted to be working in association with The Marie Collins Foundation and are offering a further learning opportunity in this difficult but crucially important area of child protection.

The Confronting Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation conference will seek to educate and impart information to support professionals in the execution of their safeguarding duties. The internet and digital technologies have transformed how we learn, communicate and socialise, particularly for young people. The benefits of the internet are immense and children become familiar with its use from a very early age, logging online in a number of settings for a variety of reasons. 99% of eight to seventeen year olds living in the UK have access to the internet through computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. This has opened up the opportunity for them to freely interact, unsupervised, with strangers and to be exposed to the dangers lurking within the virtual world. They risk becoming victims of grooming, sexual abuse and exploitative situations by predators. In the UK the number of child abuse investigations has increased by 88% since 2012 and information from 20 police services shows that there have been 363 reported cases of online grooming since 2013. This is widely accepted to be just the tip of the iceberg as it is estimated many children, who have encountered harmful or inappropriate content, do not report it.

If your job role involves child safeguarding in any degree, the Confronting Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation conference will serve as a unique platform to hear from the UK’s leading authorities in online abuse and exploitation. Learn about the very latest information and updated thinking from expert speakers, including investigators, report authors and frontline workers. The comprehensive programme has been developed to furnish delegates with improved awareness and knowledge which can benefit their professional roles. Other than the plenary sessions this conference offers an exceptional opportunity to attend an additional workshop, delivered by Tink Palmer, CEO, Marie Collins Foundation, which will cover new ways of protecting children when their abuse has been generated through online activity.

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44 million people in the UK use the internet. For children and young people, it is an integral part of their lives. Compared to 10 years ago, online activity has doubled due to the increased use of tablets and smartphones. 99% of eight to seventeen-year-olds have access to the internet and spend an average of 44 hours per month on line. The opportunities to learn, socialise, communicate and be entertained via the internet are exhaustive. Increasingly young people seem to be becoming more dependent on the internet to the extent where 75% say they cannot live without it.

Unfortunately, there are dangers lurking in cyberspace and just like in the real world society has a duty to protect children from harm and endeavour to keep them safe online. The growing use of online services and technologies by children has increased their availability and accessibility to paedophile activity. Teenagers are said to be more confident in expressing themselves via social media than in person and in doing so are engaging with people they would not ordinarily interact with thus increasing their vulnerability. To avoid detection in grooming victims, these perpetrators operate by exploiting anonymity, engage in numerous online spaces and use the ‘dark web’. Parents are very often unaware that their children are in any danger, as there is the assumption that the home or school etc are safe environments. However, 33% of children report that their parents do not really know what they do on the internet. The reality is that 18% of children have been exposed to inappropriate or harmful content, 11% have seen sexual images online and 15% of children aged 8 to 12 have arranged to meet a ‘friend’, they only know online, face-to-face.

In October 2015, Barnardo’s in partnership with Marie Collins Foundation published the report ‘Digital Dangers’ which explores the impact of technology on sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people.

Authored by Tink Palmer, who will be delivering the keynote address at this conference, the report indicates that the way children are sexually exploited online differs from the more established model. The risk factors that are normally associated with potential victims of CSE may not apply to those targeted online. The lack of indicators means that victims are less likely to be identified as ‘at risk’ by parents and professionals alike.

There is evidence, however, that certain groups may potentially be more vulnerable to online harm; those with learning difficulties, mental health problems, lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender and questioning young people are more likely to be preyed upon.

In an era of rapidly evolving innovation in mobile technologies, apps, social media platforms etc. it is essential that the protocols in safeguarding children keep pace and methods of providing support are adapted. Digital Dangers suggests there is a need for:
– Easier access to existing prevention resources and advice;
– Training for professionals to develop confidence in identifying risk;
– Assessments to be carried out by support staff;
– Assessments of products to ensure safeguards are in place to protect children from online harm

The Confronting Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation conference will be taking an in-depth look into all the very latest developments in the battle to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation. Delegates will leave the day with insight and understanding of the issues coupled with information and knowledge to address the challenges to better protect children.

Benefits of Attending               View Programme

    • Understand how interactive digital platforms operate
    • Learn how to communication takes place online
    • How do perpetrators use the internet?
    • Hear the latest news and developments
    • What are the potential long term impacts for victims and families?
    • What is the latest research indicating?
    • Discover what is being done to better protect children online
    • Become fully briefed on the ‘Digital Dangers’ report
    • Gain an understanding of the unique nature of risk factors relating to online CSE.
    • Discuss how to develop effective strategies
    • What progress is law enforcement making?
    • Question the experts
    • Express and debate opinions
    • Benefit from knowledge sharing and networking
    • Take advantage of the opportunity to build contacts
    • Gain invaluable insight and information to be shared amongst colleagues and peers
    • Be awarded CPD credits

Please see Terms and Conditions.


Internet Matters

PrintInternet Matters is a not-for-profit organisation that helps parents to keep their children safe in the digital world. We are backed by the four biggest internet service providers in the UK (BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media) and are supported by leading child online safety experts.

We’re passionate about keeping children safe online and are here to help parents make the right decisions for them and their family. Whether parents are new to the internet or an old hand, our free website has everything they need to help make their children’s online life fulfilling, fun and safe.



WPC Software

WPCSoftwareWPC Software is an established provider of information technology solutions for the public sector. We design and develop complex applications, as well as offering a full range of IT consultancy services. In particular, we have a rich history of providing case management solutions to aid with the protection of vulnerable children and adults.

With a strong focus on the public sector, our knowledge and proven track record of delivering software solutions to that market, has allowed us to provide exciting new technologies to over 95% of police forces across the UK as well as local authorities, central government and fire & rescue services.




The University of Kent’s Centre for Child Protection

5105 UoK Sub brand presentationThe University of Kent’s Centre for Child Protection aims to inspire and motivate staff to raise professional standards through confident practice.

The Centre’s simulations enable players to work through situations, encouraging reflection and review. This develops staff confidence and skills to manage child protection issues.   The award-winning simulations focus on face-to-face interactions with a complex family; and also the latest social media apps for use by young people.

The Centre brings together inter-professional perspectives using innovative techniques throughout its two-year distance learning MA in Advanced Child Protection.  CPD short courses have been developed teaching ‘Direct Work with Children’ and ‘New Perspectives in Assessment’.



TecSOS & Thames Valley Partnership

tecSOS Logo_Trans-01TecSOS (Technical SOS) is a ‘not-for-profit’ initiative which seeks to support victims of domestic abuse and other vulnerable persons through the provision of a specially adapted mobile phone that enables enhanced access to the police. The TecSOS handset is equipped with the latest tracking technology and can be operated by pressing a single key. TecSOS is an international project and calls are usually routed to the police via the national emergency call system that operates in the country in which it is being used. Within the UK, all 40,000 TecSOS numbers have been pre-loaded into the BT 999 emergency service. This enables the BT operator to immediately identify a TecSOS caller and to ‘announce’ it to the appropriate police control room.

TecSOS is live in 35 UK forces and also in a number of other European countries. Since its launch in 2011, TecSOS has helped over 10,000 UK users (45,000 globally). Independent evaluations have identified a number of proven benefits;
Thames Valley Partnership• Life-saving interventions
• An 11% reduction in police response times
• A significant reduction in perceived levels of fear (7.9 to 3.00)
• Reductions in repeat offending
• Improved victim perception of police engagement and performance
• Cost savings

Two UK forces are currently piloting the use of TecSOS handsets to support victims of Child Sexual Exploitation. Subject to positive evaluations, it is hoped to offer the service nationally.


EduCare, the leader in high-quality duty of care training, helps organisations fulfil their legal educare-header-logoand moral duty to safeguard others from harm while in their care, using their services, or exposed to their activities.

EduCare works closely with leading subject experts ensuring programmes are concise, up-to-date and of the highest quality. Our specialists include Jonathan Taylor, an ex-police officer, who specialises in online sex offender behaviour and how social media is used by children and young adults.

EduCare offers customers peace of mind and has already informed over a million people about child abuse. EduCare has helped organisations such as Gt. Ormond Street Hospital, West Midlands Ambulance Service, Macmillan Cancer Support, government inspectorates, the Boarding School Association, Pre-School Learning Alliance, UK Athletics and over 20,000 education settings.


Johnny Gwynne, Director of the Child Exploitation (CEOP) Command, National Crime Agency (NCA)

Johnny_gwynne_portraitJohnny is a native of Northern Ireland and began his policing career in 1985 when he joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary serving in the border city of Londonderry. He later transferred to the police service in Scotland and served with Strathclyde Police. During that time he discharged a number of roles in various ranks finally as a Detective Chief Superintendent and Head of Special Branch for Strathclyde and Regional Coordinator for Special Branch for all of Scotland on counter terrorist and extremism matters. Amongst other things he has managed several high profile counter terrorist enquiries and was the on scene commander at the Glasgow Airport attack and was responsible for both crises and consequence management issues during and following that attack.

In 2006, Johnny became a member of the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland after being appointed as Deputy Director General of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA) – effectively at that time Scotland’s national crime squad focused solely on tackling serious and organised crime. He was also the Scottish Police lead for Covert Policing and coordinated the activity of all 8 Scottish police forces and the SCDEA against organised crime as chair of the National Tactical Tasking and Coordinating Forum. During his time at the SCDEA he oversaw and coordinated a major national covert operation targeted against on line child sex offenders. He was responsible as Director General of SCDEA for finalisng the transfer of the SCDEA and all its capabilities into the newly created Police Service of Scotland which started in April 2013.

He was seconded to the UKs National Crime Agency (NCA) in June 2013 and was Deputy Director of the Organised Crime Command before successfully competing for and being appointed to the role of Director of the Child Exploitation Command (CEOP) in December 2013. CEOP’s role is to reduce the risk faced by children from on line sexual exploitation and is the national hub working in concert with all 45 police territorial forces in the United Kingdom. In addition Johnny is the UK’s representative on the Virtual Global Task Force focused on improving the international response to the threat posed by child sexual abuse along with other police colleagues.

Tink Palmer, CEO, The Marie Collins Foundation

Tink_Palmer_portraitTink Palmer has been in social work practice since 1973 and gained her professional qualifications in 1975. Since that time she has participated in numerous post-graduate training courses – including counselling, family therapy and forensic investigation. Tink has worked with children and their families for the past forty years. In the past twenty-five years she has specialised in child sexual abuse and is an experienced clinical and forensic practitioner, manager, trainer, policy maker and strategist.

Tink first began working with children abused via the new technology in 1999 and has since developed a professional interest and expertise in this area – particularly regarding the forensic and recovery needs of the children and young people. In 2004, she jointly authored a report entitled Just one click! which outlined the ways in which the new technology can act as a conduit for the abuse of children, the differential impacts on the young victims and new approaches to intervention programmes. Since this publication, Tink has written widely on the issue of harm to children online

Tink has an interest in all issues regarding the sexual abuse of children and, to this end, has written on numerous matters pertaining to child sexual abuse. She is experienced in working with the media and takes every opportunity to highlight the issues facing children abused via the internet. Tink is a member of numerous government steering groups, committees and boards that aim to raise public awareness, to improve service provision and to ensure that best practice ensues on a national and international basis.

Between 2004 and 2008 Tink was the Director of Stop it Now! UK & Ireland which is an awareness raising campaign regarding child sexual abuse. In 2012 she founded the Marie Collins Foundation which is a charity dedicated to the recovery needs of children abused and harmed online.

In 2014 Tink accepted the role of Visiting Professor at University Campus Suffolk.


Carron Fox, Research and Policy Officer, Barnardo’s

Carron_Fox_portraitCarron Fox is a Research and Policy Officer at Barnardo’s working on child sexual exploitation. Carron has worked for Barnardo’s for three years and works closely with practitioners in services to ensure that policies and guidance on child sexual exploitation reflect the frontline reality. Carron worked closely with Tink Palmer on the project ‘Digital Dangers: The impact of technology on the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and young people’. Prior to working at Barnardo’s Carron worked for ECPAT UK in London and the International Labour Organisation in Zambia. As Campaign Co-ordinator and consultant respectively. Carron’s roles included developing policy and conducting research on commercial sexual exploitation of children, child trafficking and forced labour.



John Liversidge , TecSOS Project Manager, Thames Valley Partnership

CSE 2016John is a retired Chief Superintendent from Thames Valley Police. He served for 30 years and during his service held a number of prestigious roles including Head of Operations and Head of Crime.  He was also the Commander at Northern Oxfordshire and at Milton Keynes.

When he retired, the National Superintendents’ Association awarded him a lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his contribution to operational policing.

John now works for a registered charity called Thames Valley Partnership.  In 2010, supported by the Vodafone Foundation, John commenced the TecSOS project in the UK.  The project is run on a ‘not-for-profit’ basis and enables victims of domestic abuse to summon help in an emergency by use of a specially adapted mobile phone.

The device has been used by over 10,000 UK victims and 45,000 victims worldwide. The device is live across 35 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales and is also live in 7 countries.

Two UK police forces, South Yorkshire and Cambridgeshire, are currently piloting the use of the TecSOS handset to protect high risk victims of child sexual exploitation. Subject to a positive evaluation, is anticipated that the service will be offered nationally.


Superintendent Natalie Shaw, South Yorkshire Police

Natalie_shaw_portraitI am Detective Superintendent in South Yorkshire Police, and I’ve recently taken up the post of Head of Department for Protecting Vulnerable People. I am also SYP’s Domestic Abuse lead and as such am privileged to sit on the TecSoS steering group alongside Police colleagues, third sector representative and interested parties.I have had a varied Policing career in both CID and uniform roles, but have spent most of my CID career working at various ranks and roles within PVP.




Andy Calvert, Assistant Headteacher, Ilkley Grammar School

Andy_Calvert_portraitAndy Calvert has been a teacher for 20 years, and an Assistant Headteacher at his current school for the last 9 years. As the Designated Safeguarding Lead of a large secondary school and having taught in 3 Bradford schools where he has always been involved in pastoral care, Andy has a wealth of understanding of how young people operate in their modern lives. A deep interest in child protection, ICT and the impact of new technology in the classroom, Andy leads in a school that has 1:1 iPad access for all students, and has worked tirelessly to allow student’s the access to information they need via the internet but in a way that allows controlled risk and exposure.

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May 17, 2016
8:30 am - 3:30 pm
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