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Digital Healthcare Revolution: Harnessing NHS Technology

February 25, 2016 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

Digital Healthcare Revolution

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Join us at the Digital Healthcare Revolution: Harnessing NHS Technology conference, a bespoke event looking at the technological advancements in healthcare delivery and the future potential of digital innovation.

The Five Year Forward View is the vision to provide more power to patients, deliver better outcomes and make the NHS more efficient with greater integration at its core. With increased demand inevitable, removing the barriers and boundaries of traditional practice and embracing new models of working are seen as the drivers to sustaining the NHS into the future. NHS England are committed to the idea that technology and data are key to implementing the necessary changes and ‘harnessing technology’ will have a major part to play in the new ways of delivering care.
A digitally enabled NHS will transform how it operates and generate significant benefits such as improved patient experience, supported clinical interactions and enhanced administrative processes.

At the Digital Healthcare Revolution: Harnessing NHS Technology conference we will discuss the role that technology and data is already playing within the NHS and how future digital innovation will enable the changing landscape of the health and social care system. Our speaker programme of leading experts will share knowledge and exchange opinion on how the progressive and sustained use of digital technologies can benefit a transformed healthcare system. With vertical integration an ambition across the NHS and social care there will be an opportunity to examine how paperless information can be shared appropriately and safely to the benefit of patients and staff. We will showcase a number of initiatives and examples of best practice from throughout the health and social care system and there will be ample opportunity for interactive discussion and networking amongst fellow professionals and peers.

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NHS England is committed to empower patients to better manage their own healthcare whilst supporting improved health and social care outcomes and view that technological innovation is a key factor.

There are predictions that the NHS could be carrying a deficit of £65bn by 2030 and if the historic mantra of ‘free at the point of care’ is to be preserved change is inevitable.
The Five Year Forward View lays out the plans for the NHS over the next five years and one of its main aims is to develop a new working landscape. The adoption of new care models will defy long held processes and remove the traditional barriers and boundaries in health and social care delivery. To manage increasing demand and mitigate financial pressures greater integration is required across the whole system. To this end vanguard sites have been developed to act as pioneers in developing a re-modelled NHS. In supporting these initiatives the role of digital technologies and data cannot be underestimated as there is huge potential in its use to offer care in radically different ways.

Banks use it, police use it, councils use it and even museums use it…..so why can’t the NHS be a more digitally enabled service? Currently 84% of the population in the UK has access to the internet, 59% use a smartphone, however, only 2% interacts with the NHS through digital platforms. It is estimated that going digital could save the NHS up to £5 billion over the next decade.

Harnessing technology is crucial to the digital healthcare revolution and it is hoped that within five years patients will be able to go online for a GP consultation via video link, order repeat prescriptions and view their complete health record. Furthermore, with almost three million people expected to suffer from at least three long-term medical illnesses by 2018, the ability for patients to remotely monitor their conditions through high tech innovations, thus negating the need to see a professional, is a further advantage. Making the whole of the NHS estate a wi-fi zone will serve to support the digital agenda for patients and staff alike.

The ambition is that the NHS will be paper free at the point of care by 2020. The Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework sets out a strategy as to how the NHS will deliver digital health and care information over the next six years. The National Information Board has been established to drive the agenda to utilise data and technology ‘to work for citizens, patients and their carers, support healthier lives and secure safe and sustainable health and care’ The board will offer leadership and support in developing an interoperable system across health organisations and their partners. To this end local design and delivery is crucial and is to be reinforced with the production of local digital roadmaps. CCGs, in alliance with local authorities, providers and other local stakeholders, are required to submit their plans for establishing digital records by April, 2016.

Also from November 2015, CCGs and providers are expected complete self-assessments to benchmark their use of digital technology and paper free records which will be used to formulate a ‘digital maturity index’. This index will provide an indication as to the current uptake of meaningful technologies and areas for improvement. The ‘digital maturity index’ will be incorporated into Care Quality Commission inspections regime from 2016.

Join us at the Digital Healthcare Revolution: Harnessing NHS Technology conference where we will discuss why digital technology and data adoption is more crucial now than ever before and discover its potential in supporting the NHS as it undergoes its metamorphosis into a 21st century health system.

Benefits of Attending              View Programme

  • Hear how technology can be a major player in facilitating a remodelled NHS
  • Discover how digital incorporation can deliver quality care that is designed around the patient’s
  • How can technology relieve the increasing pressure on the NHS and social care system?
  • Gain insight into the digital road maps and how they are to be developed
  • What will digital technologies bring to the integration agenda?
  • Listen to examples of innovative initiatives that are positively contributing in supporting both
    patients and staffs
  • How can a digitally enabled NHS empower patients to take more control of their own healthcare needs and
    promote self-management?
  • Hear how patients with LTCs can lead enhanced lives with technological support
  • Benefit from the opportunity to question, discuss and debate the role of technology in the NHS today
    and that of tomorrow
  • Take advantage of knowledge sharing and professional networking
  • Gain CPD credits
  • Benefit from knowledge sharing and networking
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to build contacts
  • Gain invaluable insight and information to be shared amongst colleagues and peers

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Speaker Biographies

Dr. Hamish Fraser, M.B.Ch.B., M.R.C.P., M.Sc., FACMI, Associate Professor of eHealth, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds, UK

Hamish_Fraser_portraitDr. Fraser trained in General Medicine, Cardiology and Knowledge Based Systems at Edinburgh University, and completed a fellowship in Clinical Decision Making and Cardiology at MIT and the New England Medical Center, Boston, USA. His work has led to the migration of medical informatics tools and expertise from high income countries to some of the most challenging environments in low and middle income countries(LMICs). For twelve years he was the Director of Informatics at the Healthcare NGO Partners In Health, Founded by Paul Farmer and Jim Kim. There he led the development of web-based electronic medical record systems, mobile health tools, data analysis tools, and pharmacy systems in Peru, Haiti, Rwanda, Malawi and the Philippines. With colleagues in the US and South Africa he co-founded OpenMRS, a broad international collaboration to develop a flexible, modular open source medical record system platform for use in LMICs, now used in over 50 countries. He was also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School from 2006 – 2015. He teaches courses on Global eHealth at MIT, Leeds and Edinburgh Universities and recently co-authored a text book on this field. His main academic focus is in the evaluation of medical information systems particularly in LMICs, and understanding the impact of information and communications on quality of healthcare world wide. He also focusses on improvement of care for non-communicable diseases particularly Heart Disease.


Helen Rowntree, Head of Digital Services, NHS England

helen_rowntree_portraitHelen Rowntree is head of digital services for NHS England. She leads on the national public facing channels and digital strategy, including NHS Choices and the development of the new service NHS.UK. Helen also leads on digital skills and participation for NHS England. Previously, Helen was director of strategy and digital media for NHS Choices. She has also held roles at Dr Foster and the Healthcare Commission




Mike Part, Regional Head of Digital Technology, NHS England

Mike.Part.portraitMike is the NHSE regional lead for digital technology in London. In addition to his core NHSE role Mike is heading up a London-wide digital programme on behalf of the 32 London CCGs that will connect up patients and clinicians across the capital. Mike has had a long and varied NHS career and held a variety of senior operational and commissioning roles before finally entering the world of technology. A former CIO, Mike is benefits driven and passionate about his subject. He is always keen to show how technology can help to transform the way health services are delivered.




Neil Mortimer, Business Manager, West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN)
Neil_Mortimer_portraitNeil joined the UK National Health Service in 1994, after 10 years as a manager in the commercial sector.
In 1996 he became manager of one of England’s first GP Commissioning Groups, and subsequently, CEO of a Primary Care Group in inner-city Birmingham. He was a founder member of the NHS Alliance and the management representative on their National Executive Committee
While a CEO, he developed an interest in healthcare informatics; particularly in their ability to accelerate the transformation, accessibility and efficiency of services. Following a secondment to the NHS Modernisation Agency, where he led a national pilot programme, he established the Whole Systems Programme for the Midlands and East of England. This programme oversaw a complex range of innovative IT-enabled service transformations involving primary and secondary care within the NHS and the private sector. During his 19 years in the NHS, Neil advised ministers and senior officials on healthcare policy and strategy.
In 2014 he joined West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WM AHSN). The AHSN, licensed by NHS England, is a formal network comprising the NHS, Academia and Industry with the joint purposes of improving health and creating wealth. Neil’s main areas of focus are Digital Health and Mental Health.



Barry Meaden, Business Development Manager, Pitney Bowes Ltd
Barry_meaden_portraitBarry Meaden is UK lead for Inbound Digital Technologies for Pitney Bowes, leading and advising sales teams on inbound digitisation and scanning solutions. In this role, Barry works closely with blue chip companies to help them drive results with digital and physical technologies, and with public sector organisations across local government, education and healthcare to help them achieve the government’s ‘digital by default’ objectives.

Barry joined Pitney Bowes in 2013 as public sector business development manager, advising and consulting on technologies across the UK public sector. Prior to this, he held senior roles at Océ UK Ltd (subsequently Canon UK) between 1990 and 2013 including those within hardware engineering, service team leadership, new business sales, sales training and product marketing.



Emma Nichols, Personalised Technology Manager, Hft
Emma_Nichols_portraitEmma Nichols has worked for Hft for 19 years. Initially she worked within the Social Work Department as PA to the Director of Service Development and later as the User Involvement Project Co-ordinator. In 2005 Emma became Project Co-ordinator for the TATE project (Through Assistive Technology to Employment) to research and development assistive technology for people with learning disabilities. Since the end of TATE in 2008, Emma has been responsible for building on the learning from the TATE project and now manages Hft’s Personalised Technology Team who implement the use of Personalised Technology with people with learning disabilities across the organisation. More recently the team has focused on using technology to improve the health and wellbeing of people with learning disabilities, specifically looking at video consultation, electronic medication recording and self- reporting applications.



Professor Anoop Chauhan, Professor and Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Director of Research and Innovation, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Anoop_Chauhan_portraitProfessor Chauhan is a NHS Clinician, Director of Research and Professor of Respiratory Medicine in Portsmouth. He is also the Respiratory Lead for the Wessex AHSN and is overseeing a Respiratory Quality Improvement Programme throughout the region. He is also a lead for the Wessex Asthma Network that brings a multidisciplinary team of specialists, generalists, commissioners, charities, innovators and patients to improve outcomes in asthma (www.wessex-asthma.com).
His research and clinical interests are in airways diseases particularly asthma and COPD, and is Chief Investigator on several trials that involve new devices, technologies and novel models of care (e.g. RESPECT-Meso http://respect-meso.org, LASER http://lasertrial.co.uk, MISSION and SENSOR) funded by Asthma UK, British Lung Foundation, SBRI and NIHR-HTA among others.
He will discuss digital technology initiatives aligned to new models of care from the Wessex AHSN that have facilitated successful quality improvements in respiratory diseases.



Jason Gordon, Corporate Business Development Manager Texthelp
Jason_Gordon_portraitJason joined Texthelp in 2014 to expand the reach of their assistive technologies across the UK and Ireland. With more than 14 years experience in business development – both B2B and B2C – Jason has developed a real passion for digital inclusion.

In the NHS, one million patients are served every 36 hours and there are common barriers to communication which include differences in language, culture and digital literacy. Jason’s goal is to ‘change lives’ by improving communications between NHS organisations and improving communications and access to services for patients. He believes that digital technology holds the key.

For more information, contact Jason on [email protected] or follow him on twitter @TH_JasonGordon.



Peter Andrew, Regional Sales Manager, Cherwell Software

Peter Andrew, an IT Service Management veteran with more than 20 years ‘real-world’ experience in the IT software and services market.

With 100’s of successful project implementations within both the Public and Private Sector, Peter’s focus is the customer experience and keeping the customer at the centre of any new IT solution requirement, from start to finish.

Pete’s favourite quote ‘think customer experience first and then work out the technology to fit’.




Stephanie Ruskin, Product Marketing Manager, IESO Digital Health

Stephanie_ruskin_portraitStephanie joined Ieso Digital Health, then PsychologyOnline, just as the company was starting to provide treatment for NHS patients. After working with other IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) providers to integrate online cognitive behavioural services within their own services, and mobilising Ieso’s own IAPT service, she is now focusing on developing new and innovative ways to help providers improve their outcomes by delivering therapy online.

Ieso Digital Health provides evidence-based mental health therapy online. Discreet one-to-one therapy is delivered in real time using written (typed) conversation, with patients meeting an accredited therapist in a secure virtual therapy room, at a time and location that is both convenient and comfortable for them. The use of technology and written conversation offers patient choice and more widespread access to effective, evidence-based mental health therapy, with improved outcomes.



Denis Gizzi, Managing Director and Lead Manager, NHS Oldham Clinical Commissioning Group

Denis_gizzi_portraitDenis has over 23 years’ experience working within all sectors of the health service, from acute services through to health authorities into primary care and PCTs and more recently into CCGs. He has also worked within national organisations such as the NHS Modernisation Agency, supporting DOH policy leads on the development and implementation of national reform policies.

Denis has a broad range of experience ranging from large scale strategic planning through to the development and implementation of reformed service models and large-scale efficiency programmes.

He has worked in Oldham for seven years, most of that time as Executive Director of Commissioning and Reform in the PCT, leading on service and system management and innovation. He now holds the post of CCG Managing Director and continues to work closely with the clinical community to ensure health service development is grounded in the best clinical and system practice.

Throughout the change from PCTs to CCGs Denis also took the opportunity to work with policy leads to support the transition into CCGs across the North West.



Linda Sanders, Strategic Director for People, Wolverhampton City Council

Linda_sanders_portraitLinda Sanders joined the City of Wolverhampton Council in January 2015 as Strategic Director People, a portfolio which includes the statutory Director for Children’s and Adults Services as well as Public Health and Community Safety. Linda is also the national ADASS Telecare Lead.
She has 12 years’ experience as a Corporate Director in both the West Midlands and London with nearly 40 years’ experience of social services in local government.
She started her career in social work in Coventry, undertaking a CQSW and MA at Warwick University.
Linda is leading transformation programmes for Children’s and Adults Services in the City of Wolverhampton focussing on promoting independence and strengthening families.
Integral to an integrated and preventative health and social care offer is the enabling of adults with support needs to remain safely at home. The availability of an effective Telecare/Assistive technology offer tailored to individual need is in my view at the heart of any transformation programme of adult social care.



Richard Wyatt Haines, Health and Care Videos Partnership, Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Richard_WyattHaines_portraitRichard is a founder of Health and Care Videos which is a joint venture with Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust.
Health and Care Videos supports health & care providers to use video to improve patient care by providing support to plan, produce and implement video in treatment and care pathways in order to improve the patient experience, increase self management, and reduce costs.
At Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust they now have over 200 videos in use across 30 disciplines. http://www.torbayandsouthdevon.nhs.uk/services/health-and-care-videos/
All these videos, and more, are available for all health and care providers to use at a much lower cost and much more quickly. http://www.healthandcarevideos.com/library/a-to-z/ this makes the Health and Care Videos library the biggest care pathway video library in the country.

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