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NHS Five Year Plan: Responding to the Prevention Challenge

March 22, 2016 @ 9:25 am - 4:30 pm

NHS Prevention, 22 March 2016, London

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One year on since the NHS Five Year Forward View was published, the roadmap for change is taking traction with new initiatives and projects helping to secure the future of the nation’s healthcare system. The NHS Five Year Plan: Responding to the Prevention Challenge conference will explore how to make the NHS sustainable by incentivising and supporting healthier lifestyles. A key element at the heart of the 5YFV is prevention of long term conditions and promotion of good health and wellbeing. Our agenda aims to support the NHS and wider health economy, at a local and national level, to build a more proactive society, prioritising health and wellbeing and reducing the impact of lifestyle related health problems.

The future of the NHS, improving the quality and access to health services and supporting a healthier population all depend on a radical upgrade in prevention and public health strategies. NHS England recognises that more needs to be done to respond to the prevention challenge. The NHS Prevention Programme Board, which was established in January 2015, has made a strong start in getting serious about prevention. Evidence shows that by investing in early interventions greater costs can be reduced further down the care pathway, however, this approach requires joined-up care and treatment, often across a range of service providers, that is centred around a patient’s needs. Following the Five Year Forward View how will new models of care drive better outcomes for patients and for the health system?

Join us for the opportunity to learn about the key activities and priorities for responding to the prevention and public health agenda, providing strategic direction and oversight to stimulate national action on the wider determinants of health. The NHS Five Year Plan: Responding to the Prevention Challenge will give you the opportunity to build contacts and benefit from knowledge sharing and networking to respond to the prevention challenge.

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“The only sustainable solution is fundamental reform: getting serious about prevention, changing the way in which care is provided and delivering high quality care wherever it is provided, and getting the most value out of every pound that we spend.” – Five Year Forward View: Time to Deliver.

With the publication of ‘Five Year Forward View’ a clear direction for the NHS was set out. The establishment of vanguard sites was the first stage of implementing the Five Year Forward View with the aim to develop new models of working to improve outcomes, patient experience and value for money. Breaking down the traditional boundaries between GPs and secondary care, between physical and mental health, between health and social care, are seen as the way forward to a more locally delivered integrated and collaborative service.

The NHS and organisations within the wider system have recognised that more needs to be done to respond to the prevention challenge. But the NHS cannot achieve this alone. The 5YFV argues that large scale system change can only be achieved in collaboration with other key players. It will require concerted action from individuals, local government and other public, private and third sector bodies alongside the health service. Therefore, the aim is to fully harness the renewable energy represented by patients and communities as well as the potential positive health impacts of employers and national and local governments. To drive coordination between bodies, the NHS Prevention Programme Board was established in January 2015.

Work that has been underway in the past year includes the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, an early priority for the Prevention Board. Type 2 diabetes is one the biggest public health challenges of our time, costing the NHS £8.8bn a year. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 80% of Type 2 diabetes cases are preventable.

Action on obesity can have short-term and well as long-term benefits, underlining the importance of bringing obesity up the national agenda. The NHS Prevention Board will continue to play an active role in the wider prevention debate, providing strategic direction and oversight to stimulate national action on obesity.

The proliferation of mobile technologies and social media is providing a natural opportunity to explore their use in the healthcare sector. Such digital engagement can be instrumental in encouraging behavioural change and reduce risk factors through a focus on healthy eating, physical activity and positive mental health.

Improving the health of the workforce of the NHS is another key priority with NHS England pledging £5million for a programme of work designed to develop and support new workplace incentives to promote employee health and to cut sickness-related absence. Prevention is cheaper than cure and supporting people to manage their own health and healthcare can both improve outcomes and reduce costs.

Benefits of Attending               View Programme

  • Learn how to deliver an information and intelligence service to support effective action, locally and nationally, to promote and protect health and wellbeing, prevent illness, advance equality, tackle inequalities and improve public health outcomes.
  • Identify those actions that the NHS will need to undertake collaboratively action with individuals, local government and other public, private and third sector bodies alongside the health service.
  • Explore new ideas, new thinking and new contacts to support you taking the next steps in responding to the prevention challenge.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the current state of the NHS.
  • Learn the main reasons why the NHS will need to undergo further transformation.
  • Follow the Five Year Forward View to discover how new models of care could drive better outcomes for patients and for the health system.
  • Benefit from an in-depth look at the prevention plans contained within the 5YFV.
  • Explore the benefits that a behavioural change could have in terms of improve outcomes and reduce costs in the short-medium term.
  • Discover how mobile technologies and social media can help to encourage behavioural change and claim to achieve risk factor reduction with a focus on healthy eating, physical activity and positive mental health.
  • Take advantage of knowledge sharing and professional networking.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to build contacts.
  • Be awarded CPD credits

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agripaAgripa are a UK-wide fleet media company with a patented interchangeable advertising system.  Our clients include over 270 local authorities and major supermarkets.  Clients are experiencing the benefits of utilising their vehicles as a cost-effective platform to promote their services or to generate revenue.  Working collaboratively with clients, we help them develop long term strategies, address challenges and achieve communication goals.  In these times of budget restrictions, perhaps the most cost-effective thing we can do, is help you to effectively promote prevention for a whole host of health issues rather than struggle to meet the rising costs of care and cures.



Life Leisure and actiLIFE

Life Leisure Logo


Life Leisure manage high quality leisure facilities and provide opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities. 

 Recognising the need to have a greater impact on the inactive population Life Leisure, in partnership with a technology provider, has developed the ground breaking actiLIFE product that employs a combination of wearable technology, a web-based programme and remote coaching to support people to become more active without ever having to visit a gym.

Over the last 5 years, Life Leisure have created numerous successful innovations focusing on actilife whiteimproving the health of the sedentary population including the award winning ‘Health Hub’ in Stockport and actiLIFE and have secured external funding for the delivery of many community focused projects.





Speaker Biographies

Shirley Cramer CBE, Chief Executive, Royal Society for Public Health & Institute of Healthcare Management

S Cramer photo

Shirley Cramer is an experienced voluntary sector leader in both the UK and the USA and has also held non executive positions in both countries in the public and voluntary sectors. She was Chief Executive of Dyslexia Action, the UK’s leading independent provider of services for individuals with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties for over a decade. Prior to RSPH she was Interim Chief Executive of Alzheimer’s Research UK and working on the ‘Dementia Challenge’. She is Chair of the thinktank, British Future. Shirley also chairs the People in UK Public Health Group, an advisory group providing independent, expert advice to the four UK countries on an overarching strategy for a multidisciplinary public health workforce.

Shirley has a UK degree in Social Work and an MSc in Social Administration from Columbia University in New York.



Professor Kate Ardern, Director of Public Health, Wigan Council

Kate Ardern
Kate attended Manchester High School and read Medicine at Manchester University. She was awarded the RCGP Professor Patrick Byrne Prize for General Practice. Kate has an MSc in Epidemiology and Health and Membership of the Faculty of Public Health. She was awarded Fellowship of the Faculty of Public Health 2006. In addition to her honorary Professorship at Salford University, Kate is also a Visiting Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. Kate is also Lead Director of Public Health for the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities for Health Protection and Emergency Planning & Response, in addition to her substantive post as Director of Public Health for Wigan. She is currently also lead DPH for the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution early implementer priorities of alcohol harm reduction and public protection transformation, including the development of a multi-agency antimicrobial resistance programme for the conurbation.


Dr Diane Reeves, Chief Accountable Officer, Birmingham South Central Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Diane Reeves

Dr Diane Reeves brings more than ten years’ experience of healthcare commissioning at director level to BSC.
She was a GP until 1998, after which she worked in medical commissioning and management roles, including Medical Director of Birmingham and Solihull PCT Cluster and Commissioning Medical Director of South Birmingham PCT. As Chief Accountable Officer, she is responsible for ensuring that the CCG meets its statutory duties. These include working with patients and citizens to involve them in commissioning, and joining in partnership with other CCGs and Birmingham City Council.
Dr Reeves is committed to openness, transparency, hearing the voice of patients and citizens, and supporting staff to develop a strong management team to ensure the organisation is clinically led. She would like BSC’s GP members to feel that their work in commissioning and provision is improving the quality of care for patients.
Tracy Lott and Lindsay Cairns, Business Development, Agripa

Lindsay PicTracy PicWith career histories in customer focussed sales, Tracy and Lindsay have worked in the business development department of Agripa for 6 months and 9 years retrospectively, helping public and private sector bodies take advantage of their own vehicles to communicate messages.

In these austere times, Agripa is passionate about helping organisations increase their communication, whilst simultaneously reducing their costs.

On a person level, both Lindsay and Tracy are really looking forward to the NHS Five Year Plan: Responding to the Prevention Challenge event, to learn more about this sector and the plans for the future.



Professor Kevin A. Fenton MD, PhD, FFPH, National Director for Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England

Kevin Fenton

Professor Kevin Fenton, MD, PhD, FFPH, is the Public Health England National Director for Health and Wellbeing. In this role he oversees PHE’s national prevention programmes including screening for cancer and other conditions, Health Checks, national health marketing campaigns, public mental health, and a range of wellbeing programmes for infants, youth, adults and older adults. The Health and Wellbeing Directorate also leads PHE’s Health Equity portfolio with a range of programmes and activities focused on addressing the social determinants of health, and promoting settings-based approaches to health improvement.

Professor Fenton was previously the director of the National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a position he held for seven years from November 2005. He also served as chief of CDC’s National Syphilis Elimination Effort and has worked in research, epidemiology, and the prevention of HIV and other STDs since 1995. Previously he was the director of the HIV and STI Department at the United Kingdom’s Health Protection Agency.

He attended medical school in Jamaica, obtained his master’s in public health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and PhD in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the University College London. He has authored or co-authored more than 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles and policy reports. He is a speaker in great demand and speaks Spanish and French.


Dr Debbie Smith, Lecturer in Health Psychology, University of Manchester

Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith is a Health Psychologist, her main research interests are pregnancy-related behavior change, pregnancy as a teachable moment, maternal obesity, teenage pregnancy and the impact of socio-economic environment on health behaviours. She has worked at University College London and The University of Manchester on research projects including the heightened incidence of stillbirth in ethnic minority and socially disadvantaged women and a multi-centered feasibility and pilot study for a lifestyle programme for pregnant women with a booking body mass index (BMI) ≥30kg/m2. Debbie’s current post is as a Health Psychology Lecturer in The School of Psychological Sciences at The University of Manchester. She is director of the BPS accredited MSc Health Psychology programme and runs several widening participation events in the local community with young people.



Phil Veasey, Business Development and Marketing Director, Mytime Active


Phil has a track record of creating and scaling high impact, sustainable strategies and programmes in local communities including:

  • Co writing the recommendations underpinning the implementation of the Morgan Stanley ‘Healthy Cities London’ programme launched in February 2015 – http://www.morganstanley.com/healthycities/london.html
  • The community sport element of the National School Sport Strategy, including ‘Sportivate’, for the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and the Department for Education, a £36m project that attracted 900,000 ‘unsporty’ young people into sport in a three-year period – and is now a major 2012 Olympic legacy programme
  • The National Mini Tennis Programme, for the Lawn Tennis Association (now the way children are introduced to the sport globally)

Phil currently sits on the Public Health England National Child Measurement Programme Board, and the NHS England Healthy Communities Advisory Board.

A thought leader who speaks regularly at conferences and events including BBC breakfast and the European Obesity Forums in 2014 and 2015. He was one of 32 experts in ‘workplace health and behaviour’ to contribute to the Bupa Global CMO network publication in 2015: ‘Making Work a Healthier Place’ – a series of thought leadership pieces on recommendations for sustainably improving workplace health – http://www.bupa.com/ourvision/tackling-the-toughest-challenges-in-healthcare/workplace-health/the-cmo-network/



Michelle Childs, Physical Activity & Health Manager, Life Leisure (& Project Lead) 

Michelle ChildsMichelle Childs, project lead for the actiLIFE programme has over 10 years’ experience of managing projects aimed at improving people’s physical activity levels, health and quality of life. Starting life in the leisure industry as a fitness manager, Michelle has always been passionate about the impact physical activity and fitness can have on people’s health and wellbeing and as a result has led on numerous successful projects including the development of Life Leisure’s innovative ‘Health Hub’ concept and the expansion of various health initiatives across Stockport.

actiLIFE was borne out of a vision to improve  people’s activity levels outside of a traditional gym environment, and the need to provide a solution for those who could not or do not want to access a local leisure or fitness facility. The programme and technology solution has been designed by physical activity specialists to meet the everyday needs of the end user (the inactive population) and the real life coaches who contribute.


Andy Gill, External Business Development Consultant, Life Leisure

Andy GillAndy has a personal passion for fitness and wellbeing and began his career as an athlete in professional sport and has worked in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Andy is the founder and director of Ethics Leisure, a multi-discipline health, wellness and fitness organisation specialising in business development for a number of high profile clients both in the UK and worldwide. Andy’s high profile collaborations include Life Leisure, NHS, Reebok Spartan Race, Total Gym, Octane Fitness, Esporta, LA Fitness, Life Fitness and Hammer Strength amongst many others.

Andy advises and personally partners with Life Leisure who are one of the most innovative and successful Leisure Trusts in the UK today, promoting and developing the actiLIFE product amongst other projects.  actiLIFE is attracting significant interest within the UK marketplace as a physical activity wearable technology product that promotes and increases activity for the inactive populations in our communities.


Atul Singhal, Professor of Paediatric Nutrition, Institute of Child Health, UCL

Dr Atul Singhal headshotHonorary Consultant Paediatrician at Great Ormond Street Hospital; Deputy Director, MRC Childhood Nutrition Research Centre; Professor of Paediatric Nutrition at the Institute of Child Health, London.

Atul is head of the Clinical Trials and Nutrition Cardiovascular Disease programme at the ICH and is very interested in early nutrition and its effect on later health – especially the programming of cardiovascular disease.

Atul is chair of the Infant & Toddler Forum, a multidisciplinary independent expert group that promotes best practice around nutrition in the early years through reliable, clear, evidence-based advice and simple, practical resources aimed at healthcare professionals and families.



Professor Philip James, IASO Senior Vice President, Public Health and Policy, Chairman IOTF


Philip James trained in science and medicine in UC, London and then in research in Jamaica and Boston, USA before a senior lectureship at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

He Directed the MRC Dunn Clinical Nutrition Centre in Cambridge and then the Rowett Research Institute in Scotland. He organised/chaired and wrote the first UK, Scottish and WHO reports on modern nutrition approaches to malnutrition and the non – communicable diseases and obesity. He established the International Obesity Task Force, organised the first WHO global burden analysis of obesity, the UN Millennium report on Nutrition for the UN Secretary General and established the World Obesity Federation as the global obesity NGO. He devised the UK Food Standards Agency for Tony Blair and the EU policies for coping with BSE.

He is now the chief advisor on nutritional aspects of public health initiatives for the WHO Middle East and Europe regions covering 75 countries.
Dr David Reilly, Consultant Physician and Project Director of TheWEL Programme

David ReillyDr David Reilly graduated as a doctor in 1978 from The University of Glasgow. He is now a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and Member of The Royal College of General Practitioners, and in 2013 was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science by the University of Westminster. He is the Director of TheWEL Programmes, and The Healing Shift Enquiry, and Founder and Director of TheWEL Charity. He is a Consultant Physician in The NHS for Centre for Integrative Care in Glasgow, and Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board’s Lead Clinician for CFS/ME. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Glasgow University; Visiting Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland; former faculty member at Harvard Medical School, USA, and he was the first National Clinical Lead for Integrative Care within the Scottish Government.

David is a clinician, teacher and researcher. He directs The Healing Shift Programme of enquiry, development, and research exploring how knowledge from the study of supporting self-healing process and wellness enhancement might be scaled up: eg: in one-to-one relationships; in group work – like The WEL programme (and now as PrimaryWEL and StaffWEL versions) www.thewel.org ; in staff training in Therapeutic Encounter; in integrative models of care; in healing environments (www.ghh.info); and cultural and national development – such as the sister project exploring future Public Health in Scotland (www.AfterNow.co.uk ) project. Research work has also included RCTs, methodology development (including Patient Recorded Outcome measures) and mixed methods clinical evaluations.

Profile & example references on www.davidreilly.net



Alistair Smyth, Head of Policy, National Housing Federation

National Housing Federation

National Housing Federation

Alistair is a Head of Policy at the National Housing Federation. He leads on the Federation’s work on health, care and support as well as housing supply. Prior to this he was the External Affairs Manager for the South East region.

Before joining the Federation Alistair worked for 10 years across social housing, consultancy and social enterprise. As a consultant he worked with councils, housing associations and tenants on governance, scrutiny, stock transfer and regeneration. He spent three years at Peabody working in housing management, and started his career working for a small social enterprise focussed on education and community leadership.




Kim Roberts, Chief Executive, HENRY

Kim Roberts photo

A thought leader who speaks regularly at conferences and events including BBC breakfast, the European Obesity Forum in Lisbon (November 2014), and Public Health England “Moving more living more’ – March 2015.

With a career that spans NHS and voluntary sector management, Kim became HENRY’s Chief Executive in April 2012. A parent of three herself, Kim is passionate about helping children to have the best start in life. She has a professional background in parenting, family support and early development and is the author of Early Learning Matters, a good practice guide.
Kim’s mission is to transform traditional approaches to obesity and respond to the strategic need for prevention. “We know that, once established, obesity is notoriously difficult to turn around in the long-term. Getting alongside families right from the start and helping them embed healthy lifestyle choices before excess weight gain is established is crucial.”

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