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Critical Infrastructure Protection: Securing the Public Realm

  • Thursday, 23 November 2017
  • The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
  • 08:30 - 17:00
  • Overview

Critical Infrastructure Protection: Securing the Public Realm will inform and update your organisation's security strategies against terrorism, protection of its infrastructure and people, and help to minimise vulnerabilities against complex threats and potential targets. 

The threat level from international terrorism in the UK remains at severe meaning an attack is highly likely. In 2017 the UK has been seen a range of major terrorist incidents and attacks. The Manchester Arena bombing and terrorist incidents across London, such as attacks on Westminster Bridge and at Palace of Westminster, London Bridge, and Finsbury Park Mosque, have heightened the need to protect citizens and secure public spaces. In the current security context protecting critical infrastructure and people has never been more challenging or important.

Attendees will learn the approach in assessing and managing threats that could lead to disruption to their organisations. This workshop also teaches how to evaluate the capability to response rapidly to an incident and quickly recover operations. The agenda will guide those with critical infrastructure responsibilities and duties through mitigation and prevention strategies to protect their organisation against attacks.

Through this workshop, you will get a chance to listen to and study with a world leading advisor on anti & counter-terrorism techniques & strategies. Noel G. Whelan will guide attendees through the need for well-planned and effective critical infrastructure protection and the challenges we now face in maintaining our nations critical infrastructures in the post 9/11 international and domestic security environment.

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  • Benefits of attending

  • Ensuring critical infrastructure is protected against discrete and well defined threats.
  • Minimise your organisation’s vulnerabilities, reduce threats and make it difficult for attacks to materialise.
  • Implement proactive measures to secure physical infrastructures and core systems.
  • Enhance the safety and security of citizens, staff and public spaces.
  • Respond effectively in a crisis and quickly recover key operations.
  • Effective planning to help save lives and reduce the impacts of attacks.
  • Learn from simulated exercises and real life case studies.
  • Learn from the trainer’s own experiences in anti and counter-terrorism and latest research and thinking on threats.
  • Understand practical steps to take to help combat terrorism.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Welcome and Introduction

Noel Whelan, Terrorism & Security Consultant, NGW Consultancy (confirmed)
"Denying terrorists their golden hour in resilience planning"
  • Observation & intervention.
  • Diversionary attacks on your critical infrastructure.
  • Physiological and physical deterrence.
  • The carousel approach of entry to your critical infrastructure.
  • Psychological pursuit through critical infrastructures.
  • Terrorist knowledge of your infrastructure.
  • Distance speed over time to remove potential attackers from your facilities.
  • Action vs reaction.
"Protecting key critical infrastructure resources"
  • Protecting your staff.
  • Protecting your brand and investment.
  • Designing in protective layers at micro and macro level.
  • Identifying your own critical infrastructures centre of gravity.

Coffee in the Networking Area

"Critical infrastructure vs critical infrastructure resilience"
  • Organisational self-reflection? How much can my organisation take be attacked and still keep operating.
  • Critical infrastructure and national security resilience.
"Threat analysis & risk resolutions of threats to critical infrastructure personnel and facilities"

In this part of the seminar you will learn to differentiate between general and specific threats issued by terrorist organisations or lone wolf individual terrorists for political, religious or commercial reasons against your critical infrastructure.


Lunch in the Networking Area

"Insider threats, what to do and what not to do"

Unknown threats from persons working inside your critical infrastructure can seriously undermine your operations.  This section of the workshop looks at what you should do if you discover a potential threat within your working environments. All professional crimes are the product of effective surveillance and communication on behalf of a potential Terrorist group. Therefore, all professional crime begins with some forms of surveillance. This section of the seminar will aid your employees to Identify suspicious activities in a timely manner to alert the appropriate authorities and take necessary actions.

"Roles and responsibilities of managing critical infrastructure facilities (joining up the thinking and deterrence)"
  • Leadership and teamwork.
  • Management planning from the outside in.
  • Decision making and time management.

Afternoon Refreshment Break

"Emergency management and incident response management"

Defensives measures - actions you should take. This section of the seminar looks at planning to prevent or minimise the effects of explosive devices on your environment. Learn what & what not to do in the event of a major event within your protected environment.

"How to communicate effectively in Emergencies "
  • Communicating En-clair & En-code safe and secure communications.
  • Critical leadership challenges.
  • Containing situations and maintaining control.
  • Emotion versus action.
  • Liaising with emergency services.
  • Preventing emergencies from becoming disasters.
  • Establishing normality.
  • Dealing with mass casualties.

Closing Remarks and Event Close

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Luke Boulter
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The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Construction of The Bridgewater Hall commenced on 22 March 1993, but the idea of a new concert hall for Manchester dates back to the reconstruction of the Free Trade Hall in the 1950s after wartime bomb damage. The Free Trade Hall was home to the city’s famous Hallé orchestra and also hosted rock and pop concerts. However, despite holding great public affection, the 1850s Free Trade Hall was ill-equipped to respond to the rising standards of service and acoustic excellence demanded by performers and audiences.

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  • Who will attend?

Personnel with critical infrastructure responsibilities from the following sectors:

  • Aviation
  • Banking and finance
  • Embassies of foreign governments
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare
  • Maritime and shipping
  • Oil and gas infrastructure
  • Plant and public utilities
  • Power station
  • Production
  • Security and defence
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Transportation