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Open Forum Events organise workshops, conferences and events for leaders across the public sector. Alongside public services the management training provided at our events is also applicable to managers in the private and voluntary sectors. The aim is to have an open forum for management and leaders across all sectors to come together to share knowledge, ideas and best practice.

Our high level events and networks provide the information, analysis and opinion to support leaders to make the right decisions.


"Gone are the days when the Public Sector, and the Civil Service, was here to simply fulfil a function. Our leaders, and by that I mean us too, need to continue to shift thinking toward adding and maintaining value." Greg Hobbs, Head of Continuous Improvement Across Government

"Changing the culture takes time, effort and courage but with exemplary leadership it is possible." Debbie Simpson, Founder and Acting CEO, Institute for Continuous Improvement in Public Services (ICiPS)

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