Living with Dementia 2020

  • Thursday, 19 November 2020
  • The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester
  • 08:30 - 16:25
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Living with dementia in 2020 is to do so in a world that appreciates the challenge but doesn't necessarily understand it. There is no present cure for dementia; however, in addition to medicinal treatments, lifestyle choices and cognitive stimulation activities are recommended for those living with dementia - and their carers. This conference will review how memory-driven, problem-solving and language based CSTs (cognitive stimulation therapies) and cognitive rehabilitation can benefit people living with dementia; in addition to activities exclusively tailored towards carers.         

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The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Construction of The Bridgewater Hall commenced on 22 March 1993, but the idea of a new concert hall for Manchester dates back to the reconstruction of the Free Trade Hall in the 1950s after wartime bomb damage. The Free Trade Hall was home to the city’s famous Hallé orchestra and also hosted rock and pop concerts. However, despite holding great public affection, the 1850s Free Trade Hall was ill-equipped to respond to the rising standards of service and acoustic excellence demanded by performers and audiences.

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