NHS Long Term Plan 2020 London Conference & Exhibition

  • Tuesday, 31 March 2020
  • ETC.Venues Prospero House, London
  • 08:30 - 16:35
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This is Open Forum’s 6th annual national event addressing the delivery of the NHS’ overarching strategy. Following our series of conferences assessing the Five Year Forward View, we will hold our second national event providing progress updates on the Long Term Plan’s initiatives for tackling health inequalities, fostering just workplace cultures, developing preventative approaches to care, bridging gaps in mental health service provision and demonstrating fiscal sustainability targets.

Keynote presentations and panel discussions will provide invaluable updates on:

  • How the NHS can close gaps in workplace inequalities between BME and white staff, as well as ensuring its organisational leadership reflects the diversity of both the NHS and the UK.
  • Improvements being made to the NHS’ cyber security/data collection policies and practices – as digital healthcare apps and wearable technologies that gather information become commercially mainstream.
  • Frontline staff delivering new services that are bridging provision gaps in areas such as perinatal mental health care and peer-to-peer MH services that were previously underserved.
  • How digital technology has the potential to improve communication between departments of the healthcare system, create entirely new pathways of treatment, introduce remote monitoring apps that collect relevant medical information and free up resources whilst the NHS is under significant pressure from central and devolved governments to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Sustainability targets such as reducing carbon emissions by 35% through estates and facilities initiatives such as LED lighting programmes and eliminating oil and coal fired boilers; as well as targets to transition 90% of the NHS vehicle fleet to low emission engines by 2028.
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Chair's Opening Address


Keynote Address

Ian Dodge, National Director: Strategy and Innovation, NHS England (invited) 

"NHS Long Term Plan: Year One"
  • Robert White, Director, Health Value for Money Audit, National Audit Office (confirmed)
"NHS Fiscal Sustainability "

Following last year’s announcement about a long-term funding settlement for the NHS and the subsequent announcement of the 10-year Long Term Plan in January 2019, the National Audit Office produced a report that examined the progress made by the Department of Health and Social care in the effort to achieve a financially sustainable NHS.


Examining the financial position of provider bodies, Clinical Commissioning Groups as well as NHS England, the report focused on the financial flows and mechanisms within the NHS and the actions being taken to make Sustainability & Transformation Partnerships and Integrated Care Systems a successful reality. Robert will discuss details within the report and the recommendations the NAO makes for future periods. 

  • Sarah Deeny, Assistant Director of Data Analytics , The Health Foundation (confirmed)
"The Networked Data Lab"

The Health Foundation is establishing a collaborative network of advanced analytical teams across the UK in order to provide national and local health system leaders with insights from data in order to develop a deeper understanding of the factors affecting people’s health.


As the challenges facing health and care services become increasingly complex, the necessity in understanding what is happening on the ground is growing. While there is already a wealth of data available about the care people receive from multiple sources – GPs, specialist services, hospital care and local authorities – datasets are hugely fragmented and often don’t capture the entirety of the care patients receive. The Networked Data Lab will support local teams to run the same analysis on local datasets across the country - helping to build a more complete picture of the quality of care. For example, by linking data from GPs, A&E services and specialist local mental health services, the work of the Networked Data Lab could identify some of the drivers of emergency attendances and admissions for young people living with severe mental illness.


The Health Foundation are seeking expressions of interest from potential partners across the UK - particularly those who have already created a linked dataset across health and social care and are embedded in their local health and care service(s); as well as having established relationships with local decision makers and other local stakeholders.


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Question & Answer Session

Ian Dodge, National Director: Strategy and Innovation, NHS England (invited)

Robert White, Director, Health Value for Money Audit, National Audit Office (confirmed)

Sarah Deeny, Assistant Director of Data Analytics, The Health Foundation (confirmed)   


Coffee in the Networking Area

  • Radhika Rangaraju, Head of Integration, Digital Urgent and Emergency Care Operations and Information, NHS X (confirmed)

Synopsis coming soon...


Local government is an essential partner of the NHS in the provision of adult social care, children and young people's mental health services, promoting public health initiatives and workforce planning - all of which are integral to delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan. This presentation will be a forthright conversation about the need for equivalent investment in local government to ensure sustainable funding solutions for social care, public health and wider council services that contribute to improving health and wellbeing. 


Case Study


Question & Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area


Chair's Afternoon Remarks


Adrian Eggleton, Director and EFM Operational Lead, NHS Improvements (invited)

"Reducing the NHS' Carbon Footprint"

Current levels of carbon emissions in metropolitan areas like London present a threat to public health and reducing the NHS’ carbon footprint is integral to delivering a sustainable long-term plan. Targets that have been set include the elimination of coal and oil fired primary boilers, introduction of LED lighting programmes, 20% reduction in business mileage and fleet pollutant emissions by 2023/24 – with 90% of the NHS vehicle fleet to transition to low emission engines by 2028; of which 25% will be ultra-low emission.


Natalie Patterson, Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Midwife, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust (invited)

"Providing Perinatal Mental Health Services"

One in four women will experience an issue with their mental health in the perinatal period – the duration of pregnancy and anytime up to a year after giving birth. Bolton NHS Foundation Trust and Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust have partnered to provide the first perinatal mental health service for women in Bolton and the surrounding areas that access midwifery care. The Trust’s midwives and obstetricians identify women struggling with mental health issues or displaying risk signals during their pregnancy or postnatal period before referring them for further support, specialist input and developing individual care plans.


Case Study


Afternoon Refreshment Break


Chris Flynn, Head of Cyber and Information Security Operations, NHS Digital (invited)

"Cyber Security and Data Safeguarding"

With the advent of third sector and NHS digital healthcare apps/wearable technologies that collect patient data, reaping the benefits of high-quality data being accessible across care settings relies on the public having confidence in the effective and appropriate management of data. As such, it is essential that robust cyber security and privacy/data sharing policies are in place to ensure that information is shared in a safe, secure and legal setting.  


Case Study


Question & Answer Session


Chair's Closing Remarks

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Luke Boulter
  • Progress of the NHS Long Term Plan over the course of its first year. How has it worked to reduce health inequalities and promoted preventative care? Has diversity in the workplace and mental health services been addressed? Is digital transformation across NHS organisations being driven and embraced?
  • Review case studies of digital innovations providing wholesale change to the management of Type 1 diabetes, and freeing-up resources for NHS staff under significant pressure from central and devolved governments to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Learn about steps being taken by the NHS to reduce carbon emissions by 35% through estates and facilities initiatives such as LED lighting programmes and eliminating oil and coal fired boilers; as well as targets to transition 90% of the NHS vehicle fleet to low emission engines by 2028.
  • Hear from frontline staff delivering new services that are bridging provision gaps in areas such as perinatal mental health care that were previously underserved.
  • Network and knowledge share with peers from across the NHS – developing solutions to shared challenges.        
  • Learn how the NHS is upgrading its cyber-security, privacy/data sharing policies and best practices as to ensure that with the increase of digital healthcare apps and wearable technologies, information is shared in a safe, secure and legal setting.
  • Discuss how increases in funding for CAMHS proportional to the extra £2.3bn for MH services per year by 2023/24 can be allocated in order to avoid difficult transitions into adult services for 18-year old’s leaving CAMHS. As well as discussing how to best support an additional 345,000 more children and young people through MH services embedded in schools, colleges and communities.
  • Making better use of capital investment and its existing assets to drive transformation
  • Assess how the NHS can meet the fiscal tests set by government to demonstrate it is on sustainable footing, such as making better use of capital investment and its existing assets to drive transformation; as well as achieving cash-releasing productivity growth of at least 1.1% per year, with all savings reinvested in frontline care.
  • Identify action the NHS will need to undertake collaboratively with individuals, local authorities, public, voluntary and third sector bodies alongside the health service to deliver a health and social care service fit for the future.
  • Network and knowledge-share with peers, NHS decision makers, leaders from public, voluntary and third sector organisations; developing shared solutions to common challenges.
  • Review how the NHS can combine investment and efficiency; creating the headroom to manage increased demand and continue to improve care.
  • Explore how digital innovation and data sharing is spearheading preventative and self-monitored care agendas. In addition to where the barriers lie to timely implementation and how these challenges can be overcome to accelerate the digital capacity of the NHS.
  • Share best practices on delivering complex transformation projects and integrated care plans that can help organisations co-ordinate services and balance budgets.
  • Gain the maximum number of 8 CPD points.      
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ETC.Venues Prospero House, London

ETC.Venues Prospero House, London

Our flexible and modern venue is situated over three floors, alongside two relaxing restaurants. The two large conference suites that can accommodate up to 300 people, are both conveniently located next to networking and exhibition space. Additional smaller meeting and training rooms range in capacities from 10 to 300 ensuring that Prospero House is perfect for any size event.

The venue is equipped with state-of-the-art AV, plasma screens and superfast wifi and they even include all the little touches that help make your event a success, such as flip charts and delegate stationery. An event team is on hand to ensure any event runs smoothly, and the in-house chefs produce freshly prepared lunches, breakfasts and all day snacks. Its fantastic location, opposite Borough tube station and a short walk from London Bridge and trendy Borough Market, means its ideally suited for clients both North and South of the river.

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