Patient Safety - Implementing the New Strategy

  • Tuesday, 18 May 2021
  • ETC.Venues Prospero House, London
  • 08:25 - 16:30
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Following the successful, inaugural patient safety event held in Manchester in October 2019, Open Forum Events invite you to further consolidate knowledge and learning by attending the Patient Safety-Implementing the New Strategy conference.

The Patient Safety Strategy, published in July 2019, was designed to deliver improvements in patient safety and standards. The ambition is to make the NHS the safest system in the world to receive healthcare and it is thought that the implementation of the strategy could save nearly 1000 extra lives per year from 2023/24, whilst saving £100 million in care costs.

Based on three principles which are; A Just Culture, Openness and Transparency and Continuous Improvement, the strategy recognises three areas of work priority: Insight, Involvement and Improvement.

As a follow up to the conference ‘A New Strategy for Patient Safety--Insight, Involvement, Improvement’, this event will now turn its attention to the implementation of the strategy and how it is impacting on keeping patients safe from unintended or unexpected harm.

Delegates will learn more about:

  • The implementation plan and it’s roll out to patient facing professionals and all associated staff
  • The systems and processes that have been updated, as set out in the strategy, and how these will operate in the future to deliver improvements
  • Exemplars of best practice where innovation and technology are supporting enhanced safety for patients, staff and all those entering the NHS environment

Once again, we are delighted to introduce an outstanding line up of contributors, willing to share knowledge, experience and insight through the plenary sessions, with ample opportunity for interactive engagement with the delegate audience. The agenda has been designed to allow for casual networking amongst fellow professional and contemporaries committed to providing a safer NHS.

There are three guiding principles:

A Just Culture- Blaming people for non-malicious errors is not conducive to improved safety. The focus should be on changing systems and procedures to allow people to conduct their job more safely.

Open and Transparency-Encouraging staff to be open and honest when mistakes happen allows for shared discussion, learning and revisions to be made.

Continuous Improvement-A continuous focus to make quality improvements to the system by assessing what needs to be improved, how changes will make things better and how the impact can be measured. Empowering staff and patients to recognise and respond is crucial.


The three areas of work identified as priorities are:


The NHS will:

  • adopt and promote key safety measurement principles and use culture metrics to better understand how safe care is
  • use new digital technologies to support learning from what does and does not go well, by replacing the National Reporting and Learning System with a new safety learning system
  • introduce the Patient Safety Incident Response Framework to improve the response to and investigation of incidents
  • implement a new medical examiner system to scrutinise deaths
  • improve the response to new and emerging risks, supported by the new National Patient Safety Alerts Committee
  • share insight from litigation to prevent harm.



The NHS will:

  • establish principles and expectations for the involvement of patients, families, carers and other lay people in providing safer care
  • create the first system-wide and consistent patient safety syllabus, training and education framework for the NHS
  • establish patient safety specialists to lead safety improvement across the system
  • ensure people are equipped to learn from what goes well as well as to respond appropriately to things going wrong
  • ensure the whole healthcare system is involved in the safety agenda.


The NHS will:

  • deliver the National Patient Safety Improvement Programme, building on the existing focus on preventing avoidable deterioration and adopting and spreading safety interventions
  • deliver the Maternity and Neonatal Safety Improvement Programme to support reduction in stillbirth, neonatal and maternal death and neonatal asphyxial brain injury by 50% by 2025
  • develop the Medicines Safety Improvement Programme to increase the safety of those areas of medication use currently considered highest risk
  • deliver a Mental Health Safety Improvement Programme to tackle priority areas, including restrictive practice and sexual safety
  • work with partners across the NHS to support safety improvement in priority areas such as the safety of older people, the safety of those with learning disabilities and the continuing threat of antimicrobial resistance
  • work to ensure research and innovation support safety improvement
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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair’s Opening Address

  • Helen Hughes, Chief Executive , Patient Safety Learning (confirmed)

Keynote Address

""Delivering the Strategy- Implementation to make the NHS the Safest Healthcare System in the World" The AHSN Network Contribution."
  • Description of the AHSN Network
  • Overview of the AHSN Network Safety Plan and how it will support the NHS Patient Safety Strategy
  • Impacts, benefits and successes.
  • Ways to get involved in your local AHSN and support patient safety wherever you work.
"A Lived Experience"
  • Amelia Newbold, Risk Management Lead, Browne Jacobson LLP (confirmed)
"The New Patient Safety Incident Response Framework (PSIRF)"

The PSIRF will support the NHS to operate systems, underpinned by behaviours, decisions and actions, that assist learning and improvement, and allow organisations to examine incidents openly without fear of inappropriate sanction, support those affected and improve services.


Main Sponsor


Question and Answer Session


Coffee in the Networking Area


Case Study

"Using Digital Data to improve safety outcomes and decision making."
  • Helen Higham, Co-Director of the Oxford Patient Safety Academy Consultant Anaesthetist John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford , University of Oxford John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford (confirmed)
"Human Factors Approach to Patient Safety"

The Patient Safety Academy has been formed from collaboration between two research groups in the University of Oxford, with expertise in patient safety, human factors/ergonomics and improvement science; the Quality, Reliability, Safety and Teamwork Unit (QRSTU) and Oxford Simulation Teaching and Research (OxSTaR).Project support involves provision of human factors patient safety training to all team members involved in a project. The PSA team provide support which enables the staff to choose the areas of concern they want to focus on, work together to generate potential solutions and then trial these solutions. The result is staff –led projects with improvements which fit their service and with successes and learning they can share with other teams.

  • Justine Sharpe, Regional Safety and Learning Lead (London), NHS Resolution (confirmed)
"Learning from Claims: NHS Resolution Insights"

Sharing the recurrent investigative themes and recommendations from NHS Resolution to reduce claims. Gain an understanding of why patients and families claim and what patients and staff want following harm. Hear and access free support materials to improve claims risk management that can be applied locally to support improve both patient and staff safety.


Case Study


Question and Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area

A hot, two-course lunch consisting of multiple options will be provided for delegates. We cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy-free; just notify us ahead of time should you have any allergens or requirements.


Chair’s Afternoon Address


Case Study

  • Helen Hughes, Chief Executive , Patient Safety Learning (confirmed)
  • Julie Coombes, Head of Clinical Education Transformation, Health Education England (confirmed)
"How is Education and Training Improving Patient Safety? How Much More Needs to Be Done? "

Patient safety should be a golden thread of learning that connects all staff working in the NHS, across all disciplines, from apprentice and undergraduate right through to retirement. The NHS cannot expect to achieve improvements in patient safety if it is not embedded within education and training.

"Safety Leadership and Learning from other Healthcare Systems for Implementation"

Although healthcare systems differ from country to country, improving patient safety encounters similar challenges. The NHS can benefit from discovering successful practices from elsewhere in the world and learn from what has not worked so well. 


Question and Answer Session


Afternoon Refreshment Break



  • Luke Brown, Senior Charge Nurse, Emergency Department, Homerton University Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust (confirmed)
"Action Card App – Aiming to Improve Patient Safety "

This is Homerton’s Story, on developing and integrating a technology into practice that aims to improve patient safety. We will outline our concept, planning, how we integrated, and how we keep momentum.



  • Beth Wedge, Matron, University Hospital Southampton NHS (confirmed)
"Ward D5 Rapid Improvement Project"

D5 was highlighted from internal and CQC review as a ward that had significant challenges so an improvement plan was put in place for the ward. The improvement plan included an away day for all the permanent staff on the ward and an MDT approach on ongoing changes.


Question and Answer Session


Chair’s Closing Remarks and Event Close

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Luke Boulter
  • Discover the reality of how well the NHS keep patients safe once they enter the system
  • Learn more about the government’s ambitions to make the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world
  • Be informed as to the contents of the new Patient Safety Strategy; the principles and priorities on which it will promote improvements in safety
  • Better understand how breaches of safety occur and the factors that contribute to patients being injured or suffering unnecessary harm
  • Hear how openness and transparency can be embedded throughout the NHS and a ‘just culture’ adopted
  • Gain insight as to how the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) will be superseded by the New Patient Safety Incident Management system (PSIMS)
  • Discover how Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are expected to be the next-generation of technologies to transform healthcare
  • Listen to experts discuss the strategies and practices that will realise the government’s ambition to reduce healthcare associated Gram-negative bloodstream infections (GNBSIs) by 50% by 2020/21
  • Receive an update on the initiatives that are set to improve safety within maternal and neonatal services
  • Benefit from the opportunity to question, discuss and debate current working practices and those for the future
  • Share best practice and contribute to learning
  • Take advantage of knowledge sharing and professional networking
  • Gain CPD credits
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ETC.Venues Prospero House, London

ETC.Venues Prospero House, London

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