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  • Thursday, 06 October 2022
  • The Royal National Hotel, London
  • 08:30 - 16:30
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What this last two years has shown is that it is of paramount importance to address the issues of patient management in terms of needing to organise bed flow in hospitals at a greater efficiency. The question is what role digital technologies and applications have in assisting with this issue and providing the next solutions that are required not just to reduce hospital admissions over manageable conditions but to give people the ability to monitor conditions themselves in their homes which is beneficial for the patient as well as the hospital. Innovations in areas such as Remote Consultation in terms of diagnosis, Mobile/Self-Monitoring of vitals and self-management of long-term conditions all provide great opportunity and scope for the health sector to improve on quality of care as well reduce demand on hospitals to be taking these patients into beds. Furthermore, through these innovations what also needs to be addressed is the how the infrastructure is going to be implemented to give ease of access to the public across the country, whilst also needing to let people have an increased knowledge in how these products and applications can be used to benefit their lives and for many educating them on how to use them to their ultimate capability.

Our fully CPD Accredited programme of expert speakers will feature an overview of the challenges and opportunities ahead. Open Forum Events are delighted to be gaining a reputation for “truly inspirational” health and social care conferences. Our delegates are telling us that they leave our events with “new ideas and approaches” they can “actually apply” within their own organisations. We are proud to be recognised as a leading organiser of national conferences.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair’s Opening Address

Professor Niels Peek, Professor of Health Informatics, University of Manchester (Confirmed)


Keynote Address

Speaker TBC, Department of Health and Social Care (Invited)

"Improving Patient Management"

Highlighting how with recent events, the change in culture from simply patients recording data and sending to consultants to analyse to patients wanting to understand the data and being able to read if they are any changes in the readings, not only does it give patients the capacity to provide self-care to manageable conditions to lessen the need of hospital intervention when possible. Ultimately through these circumstances explain why and how self-care provides the capability to a play a key role in reducing hospital pressures for preventable reasons.


Speaker TBC, NHS Innovation Accelerator Programme (Invited)

"Implementation of New Innovations (Approval + Procedures)"

Enabling innovators to learn more on how to go through the process and outline the possibilities to become regionally recognised and highlight the direct issues that innovators must deal with to get funding in order to carry out research or manufacture digital products or provide a digital service under AHSN supervision as well seeking initial funding as well as from other sources. Whilst also seeing if there are ways to improve the systems currently in place to allow digital innovations to begin to be used in practice.


Headline Supporter


Question and Answer Session


Coffee in the Networking Area


Speaker TBC, Director of Enterprise and Growth, Innovation Agency AHSN (Invited)

"Barriers of Scaling"

This time will be spent explaining how to multiply the scale and depth of impact through outcome led programmes and finding the digital projects that are struggling to expand from a local and regional basis to a national level and talking about the issues innovators and AHSN’s face to becoming a digital help to health care and patients alike.


Innovation Masterclass

'Remote Consultation in terms of Diagnosis Panel'

11:35- Session One

11:50- Session Two

This session will describe the role that remote consultation has in terms of self-care management and the way it can have a direct impact of patients alongside the healthcare sector




Case Study

VerseOne Group (confirmed)

VerseOne Group is a multi-disciplined product and services organisation providing cutting edge digital transformation solutions to the NHS, Social Housing and the wider market. The depth and breadth of VerseOne’s solutions is evidenced through powering over 50 NHS organisations, and this coupled with their Innovation Fund - specifically set up to nurture and support novel products and services within the Healthcare sector - further enhance and support the company’s leadership in delivering patient centred digital solutions.

The Vocoll suite of software, is VerseOne's market leading communication and collaboration platform, which is driving integration of care and enhancing patient experience across the NHS. Currently deployed across multiple care settings, including CAMHS, Appointments, internal staff communications, external patient relations and maternity ambulatory care, Vocoll provides the digital backbone needed to support integration of patient centred care in the NHS.



Question and Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area


Chair’s Afternoon Address


Innovation Masterclass

'Digital improvements for mobile/self-monitoring Panel'

13:50- Session One

14:05- Session Two

This session will show how substantial amounts of patient inflow being for 'preventable' reasons such as patients not having healthy hydration levels, is there digital improvement opportunities to help patients self-monitor to reduce likelihood of people needed to go into hospital for reasons that would free up hospital space with innovations.


Case Study


Innovation Masterclass

'Self-Management of long-term health conditions Panel'

14:40- Session One

14:55- Session Two

This session will highlight how research that is going into long-term health conditions such as (Type 1 Diabetes), are being worked upon to provide solutions into better quality of life and greater efficiencies in mobile monitoring for patients and their families to improve capacity, as well as preventing them from needing to enter hospital on a regular basis.


Question and Answer Session


Afternoon Refreshment Break


Delyth James, Life Sciences Hub Wales (Confirmed)

"Best Practice with Wales Life Science Hub presenting how they do things differently on a regional level"
  • Di Bullman, Workstream Lead, Digital Readiness Programme, Health Education England (confirmed)
"Ability to provide the Health Infrastructure alongside innovation"

In an increasingly technology led department that is health care, this time more than ever is the paramount opportunity to make sure that the required infrastructure for patients to be able to use these digital technologies whether this is through collaboration with programming engines or even mobile and internet providers to ensure the scope for people to use these products and application is there. Also, that the required training and guides on how to use these innovations are available to patients with clear understanding of how they can be utilised to improve quality of life and ultimately require less intervention from doctors and hospitals.


Question and Answer Session


Chair’s Closing Remarks and Conference Close

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  • Gain 10 CPD Points.
  • Knowledge of what new technologies are available, how they can benefit us as an organisation and access the opportunity to be able to implement these technologies
  • The opportunity to hear from and communicate directly with innovators, regional leaders and national organisations to develop a well-rounded viewpoint on the issues that each stakeholder addresses and how each of these parties are coming up with solutions.
  • Learn about the research that is currently going on in academia across the country and regional AHSN’s linkage with universities that is vital to long term solutions to public health.
  • The opportunity to create ideas on what is possible for future innovations in the medical and technology sectors and the chance to debate with leaders over differing fields of expertise over the possible solutions.
  • Inspire the ideas of the future by making innovators aware of problems or areas of weakness and giving them an opportunity to act on it.
  • Clarification on the solutions that have improved on reducing the capability of patients being able to use the innovations and whether there is greater scope for improvement that infrastructure and education can provide to this.
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The Royal National Hotel, London

The Royal National Hotel, London

Offering breathtaking views across Russell Square the hotel is within easy walking distance to the British Museum. Well located with Russell Square underground station a 2 minute walk away.

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