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  • Dr. Ray Carter MA, MCIPS, MCIM, FNALP
  • 09 October 2017
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DPSS have been developing and training people for many year and have a large portfolio of clients from many industries.

We constantly monitor our performance and all our consultants deliver high quality and engaging training that really gives people the practical help they need as well as the option of gaining qualifications. 

Many industries choose CIPS (Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply) qualifications as their benchmark for competence and we are proud to be a Centre of Excellence for this highly esteemed organisation. We also offer CIPS distance learning for those unable to join us at our Basingstoke Centre. Some companies prefer us to train their employees at their own locations which is a very good alternative.

More and more companies, who want help to train their employees in Commercial & Contract Management (Sales or Procurement) opt for IACCM (International Association for Contract & Commercial Management) qualifications. DPSS offers a classroom based version for this qualification either at fundamental or practitioner level to provide an excellent all round experience of this subject.

Supply Chain Management is on the rise with more and more industries.  It is not just for cost saving activities but also to ensure quality, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and more besides. The rise in digital technology in the Construction Industry (BIM) also brings in the supply chain at a much earlier stage thus saving time and resources as well as standardising the industry.

Good quality training really is an investment and not as costly as you may think.  DPSS works with clients and provides the best possible solution for their needs. It might just take a days or two’s workshop training to really make a practical difference. Language in business (especially in contracts) in critical. One less mistake can make an impact so don’t underestimate the value of investing in your employees and empowering them to make better.

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