Ashley Bookman

@ Momentum Incorporated

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As the founder of Momentum Incorporated, Ashley Bookman is a leading innovator in business thinking, organisational and individual performance. He is the originator of Task Orientated® Negotiation (TON), the first method to deliver conflict free negotiation.

Often called upon when existing solutions have failed to deliver, Ashley has been involved personally in influencing the provision of insurance cover post 9/11, facilitating the formation of one National Fire and Rescue Service in Scotland, supervising negotiation teams for multi-billion pound agreements and assisting a range of companies to achieve supplier of choice status.

Ashley has followed his pioneering work in negotiation with profound insight into the extent to which current organisational mindsets and thinking inhibit output and profitability. He has identified the five thinking and attitudinal habits which drive 90% of all errors in business and cause organisations to perform at as little as 20% of their potential. To reverse these significantly unhelpful trends he has designed Systemic Business Improvement™ (SBI) – an approach which clarifies the cultural and psychological changes to deliver a unified system for business success.

As part of the SBI approach he has developed Systemic Performance Management™ (SPM) – which progressively develops a new paradigm and skillset for managers and leaders so that fundamental cultural changes can be delivered from within.

  • My Previous Events

  • Managing Public Sector Outcomes: Making a Real Difference

    • 18-03-2015
    • 08:30 - 16:40
    • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre