Carey-Ann Baisden

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Nurse
@ East London NHS Foundation Trust

Carey-Ann Baisden
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The role of the EHWN is led by Carey-Ann Baisden who is a Registered Mental Health Nurse (RMN). Carey-Ann has 15 years’ experience working in Mental Health Services. Area of specialism being acute CAMHS and transitions to adult services. Carey-Ann’s background includes managing & transforming CAMHS inpatient services, working in acute working age and older adults, eating disorder services, private psychiatry clinics and children’s Young Persons Home Treatment Teams. Carey-Ann can offer direct 1:1 support sessions to care leavers in a variety of forms; whether that be face to face, telephone, virtual or joint visits. Carey-Ann covers a wide footprint of London, Essex, & Kent supporting those care leavers who know longer live in Newham. This includes care leavers who may also be in prison, at University or in supported placements. Those further afield would not miss out and instead be offered virtual and telephone sessions.

Carey-Ann’s aim is to strengthen collaborative working across multiagency services to promote inclusive, holistic and high quality care to those care experienced. Carey-Ann’s role promotes early intervention to a vulnerable yet resilient cohort of young adults.

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  • Looked After Children 2022

    • 07-07-2022
    • 08:30 - 15:30
    • Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce