Chevy Rough

Community Captain / Mindfulness Coach
@ ChasingLights Collective

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  • Bio

At the age of 17 Chevy began working in the City, confused and lacking any direction. He was impressionable, keen to fit in any way, and all while trying to find his way amongst the Alphas.

Depression, drink and drugs fuelled 16 years of trying to grow from a boy to a man. From the dark came some light - finding a skill set supporting others to find their career paths, while working with digital startups, FTSE 100’s and banks to help them understand how to attract, retain and develop world-class talent

As Chevy hit his thirties, the reality behind the suit and flashy watches was one of anger, hate, and dark clouds that became all consuming. He knew he wouldn’t make it if he stayed on the same path. So he forced change through disruption, finding strength in running and with each step, shed the emotional weight that had gathered through the years. With the exploration of these miles, he came across a running community, RunDemCrew, and under their wing, began to find a way to shine.

A few years later, Chevy made the leap, leaving his shackles behind to retrain as a Personal Trainer and Run Coach, while also building his own Community of life's movers, ChasingLights Collective. Chevy’s role as Captain is to influence the Collective to deliver projects focused on social change - harnessing movement and connection for those who need it most, from care leavers, people who suffer from substance abuse, and young people to those carrying the weight of mental health.

As always, everything evolves and Chevy’s life is now focused on human performance and mindfulness, helping people connect the dots of exploring fitness to make change, and how to approach training mindfully, while making holistic changes to keep moving, including life and career goals.

  • My Previous Events

  • Improving Mental Health Outcomes: Integrating, Coordinating and Transforming Services

    • 25-04-2018
    • 08:30 - 16:30
    • The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester