Dr Duncan Connors

Fellow of the Durham Energy Institute
@ Durham University Business School

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Duncan Connors currently works at Durham University and is a Fellow of the Durham Energy Institute and Teaching Fellow in Economics. He has been involved in the wider culture of student and employee representation since his undergraduate years and during his PhD undertook a sabbatical to become General Secretary of the National Postgraduate Committee. He has published in a number of newspapers on higher education and economic subjects and has recently become a stanch opponent of Brexit and the effect it will have on higher education in the United Kingdom as well as the wider national economy. His current research is in the development of nuclear power after 1945 and research into the relationship between commodities, energy consumption and monetary economics, with a co-authored book entitled ‘A History of Money’ published in 2016. Prior to being involved in higher education Duncan worked in the family business, finance and was injured whilst serving in the RAF.