Jamie Knight + Lion

Senior Accessibility Specialist

Jamie Knight + Lion
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Jamie, and his constant side kick Lion, live in Romford where they are transitioning to independence and exploring what it means to be autistically happy.
Jamie loves all things technical from software to gearboxes. Jamie’s been a developer for over 10 years, in the last 6 years he has been a senior developer in BBC platform engineering and was a lead developer on iPlayer Radio.
Jamie is at the intersection of technology and ability; both from a personal assitive technology and digital accessibility perspective.
Lion is Jamie’s constant companion. He holds the fictional post of “Head of Antelope Management” at the BBC. Mostly because he said he did and no one has felt brave enough to argue.
Since 2009 Jamie + Lion have worked with a range of clients including Channel 4 and Apple. He has also guest lectured for Birmingham University and City University London and contributed to print magazines in both technical and autism fields. Jamie has given over 50 presentations for clients including Good Autism Practice, NAS, UK Disability Forum and many others.
Jamie + Lion write about autistic life and happyness at SpacedOutAndSmiling.com where they share reviews, tips and are keeping a transition journal.

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  • Autism: The Challenges and Opportunities

    • 01-06-2016
    • 08:30 - 14:00
    • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre