Kate Bunting

Operations and Community Engagement Manager
@ Organisation Solihull Library Service, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Kate Bunting
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Kate Bunting has worked for Solihull Library Service for just under 5 years. She is Operations Manager for 14 library sites in the Solihull borough, their core offers, staffing needs and resources.

Prior to working for Solihull Council Kate worked for over 20 years in the community and voluntary sector in Coventry, managing and delivering a range of neighbourhood based services and interventions run by local residents for the benefit of local residents. Kate has been instrumental in leading local community teams (staff and volunteers) to make a difference in their local communities and has successfully managed two community Children’s Centres, an Education, Employment and Training Centre, and two community centres, alongside leading on the development of the area's Neighbourhood Plan.

Kate’s academic background is in business and finance as well as managing complex regeneration. She studied at both Coventry and Aston Universities.

Kate is passionate about information and learning, and libraries form a vital part of providing free and accessible learning and information for all.

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