Nancy Sayer

Designated Consultant Nurse for Looked After Children - Kent
@ Thanet CCG

Nancy Sayer
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Nancy Sayer is the Designated Consultant Nurse for Looked After Children (LAC) for Kent. She has worked as a designated nurse for LAC since 2005, both in Provider services and with Clinical Commissioning Groups.
Nancy provides expert strategic leadership and direction for Looked After Children’s services, maintaining and improving the quality of services across the 7 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Kent. Nancy worked closely with Kent County Council on improving the health outcomes of their looked after children.
Nancy gained great insight into the health needs of unaccompanied asylum seeking children (UASC) during 2015 due to the dramatic rise in the numbers of UASC entering Kent. As part of the UASC Project group Nancy worked closely with colleagues in setting up services and provided advice on health needs of this vulnerable group. She has been instrumental in developing the health resources and the UASC Health Website. In March Nancy attended a reception at Buckingham Palace in recognition of her contribution to the field of UASC health.
Nancy continues to have oversight of this very vulnerable group’s needs as part of her work with the 7 Kent CCGs.

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