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Tracey Garcia
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Tracey has worked in the social care sector in a variety of roles and with varying degrees of responsibility for 30 years. She started working in a hospital setting in the late 1980’s around the time of the care in the community Act initiative quickly moving from NHS to Social Services into a support role.
Learning and evolving at a very fast past to keep in time with the local and government changes for people with learning disabilities and autism, constantly embracing new and more person centred approaches at every turn.

Tracey worked with very forward thinking leaders and had many opportunities to develop her career; care officer, team leader, to Registered Manager, Regional Area Manager specialising in preventative solutions and advocacy. Bringing her career to its peak in her current role as Involvement and Engagement Manager

Some highlights - Tracey was pivotal in the development of a short breaks service – drawing on years of experiences working with children and adults in a ‘respite’ setting. The service challenged the concept of parents sending their loved ones in so they can have a break to inviting people in for a break themselves to experience something new and challenging whilst at the same time offering their loved ones a break.

In all roles what has been front and foremost is Tracey’s commitment to involve and encourage whomever she is working alongside. People with learning disabilities and Autism, friends and families, support staff, managers or business support colleagues.

Tracey shares a keen and passionate view that anything is possible given the right support and encouragement – this has been a lifelong and guiding principle and has allowed Tracey to challenge, strive and sometimes struggle to ensure participation and influence by people she works alongside.

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