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MindforYou are a leading provider of an alternative to traditional respite for people living with dementia and their carers, to maintain and enhance their wellbeing together. MindforYou believe a diagnosis of dementia shouldn't mean holidays become a thing of the past. On our 5 day supported holidays, MindforYou encourage both of you to have new experiences, create new memories and spend quality time with one another.

MindforYou offer 13 destinations all over England, Scotland and Wales, staying in luxurious dementia friendly holiday homes. Experienced and compassionate staff are on hand to provide you with tailored support from 9am till 9pm and remove the daily chores, allowing you both time to enjoy one another's company without a single thing to worry about!

Everything on a MindforYou holiday is personalised to you, from your travel, to meals, support and excursions. They visit all their guests prior to their holiday to fully understand their needs and allay any concerns. They believe this is one of the main reasons as to why 99% of their guests rated them as very good or excellent when asked if their requirements were met whilst on their MindforYou holiday.
MindforYou Guests frequently tell them of the benefits they receive from experiencing their Supported Holidays;

- The formation of fantastic new friendships with like minded people creating support networks that continue beyond the end of their holiday.

- Regained self confidence for both carers and carees, enabling them to become more involved with their families and local communities, and even starting to try new things

- Improved eating and drinking

- A better sleep routine, and less dependence on medication.

Since delivery of their first supported holiday in May 2015, MindforYou has taken 603 guests on 93 holidays to 12 different destinations across England, Scotland and Wales. In 2019 they are planning 57 holidays and are looking forward to supporting over 400 guests on their Supported Holidays.

For more information about MindForYou, visit www.mindforyou.co.uk

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