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Momentum is a leading UK business consultancy delivering a fresh mindset for business clients who wish to maximise their business performance and profit. We deliver proven results through consultancy, coaching and training courses. Our clients range from regional public sector organisations, UK national businesses, European start-ups to global blue chips.

Key elements in our pioneering approach to upgrading business performance include Task Orientation® (TON®), Systemic Business Improvement™ (SBI), Systemic Performance Management™ (SPM) all developed as a result of 25 years of practical research by Ashley Bookman.

Task Orientation® introduces a fundamentally diverse approach to business behaviour. Understanding the profound forces at play in any negotiation and using a set of principles which alleviate conflict, leads to the implementation of balanced and sustainable decisions. The clarity of thinking and interpersonal insight combine to deliver improved relationships with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders alike.

Systemic Business Improvement™ (SBI) is a strategic process for transforming an organisation’s efficiency and profitability through comprehensive and fundamental changes to the way people think and perform. Looking beyond the structure, organisational process and traditional behavioural training to provide interventions which profoundly affect individual mindsets and the cultural tendencies which are the real cause of organisational deficiency. SBI™ provides a common mind and skillset across a company and aligns productive internal decision-making to maximise output, thus delivering exceptional service for clients and marked improvements in bottom line.

Systemic Performance Management™ (SPM) is a strategic development programme which integrates the management of employee performance with thinking and skills to re-define leadership in business. SPM™ evolves a new mindset fundamental to modern career progression from early line management through to visionary and transformational leadership. The modular series progressively develops employee maturity and produces managers and leaders whose insight, awareness and skill maximise contribution, business focus and profitability.

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  • Managing Public Sector Outcomes: Making a Real Difference

    • 18-03-2015
    • 08:30 - 16:40
    • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre