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Self Management UK is the market leader at the forefront of innovation and development in self-management education and training. We work with patients, carers and healthcare professionals to improve outcomes for people with any long-term health conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, and COPD, among others. We currently provide services to over 35 CCGs and work in partnership with a number of not-for-profit organisations in England. Our programmes are accessed by over 7,000 people annually.

We offer:

  • Value for money: typical return on investment – for every £1 spent, £2.24 is saved
  • for commissioners: helping them with their House of Care planning and to deliver the NHS Five Year Forward View
  • methodology: our programmes follow a strong evidence-based approach
  • we create services that meet local needs and budgets
  • our flexible approach a range of delivery channels, allowing patients and healthcare professionals relevant and timely choices
  • to-end service: pathway design, risk stratification, design, administration, delivery and evaluation of a range of programmes


  • Our Previous Events

  • Tackling Long Term Conditions: Working in Partnership to Effect Real Change

    • 27-10-2015
    • 08:30 - 16:15
    • America Square Conference Centre, London