The Utilisation Management Unit

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The Utilisation Management Unit helps commissioners and providers to unlock the power of health data and insight to drive sustainable and cost-effective change that benefits patients, staff and the wider health and care system.

The team comprises experienced NHS clinicians and analysts that combine expertise in data analytics alongside extensive front-line clinical insight.

We have been part of the NHS since 2003 and have established reputation as pioneers in the field of clinically-led analytics.

We have become trusted partners to health and care commissioners and providers across the UK. By providing bespoke analytics, clinical reviews and system improvement support, we enable health and care systems facing unique challenges to improve patient flow, care and outcomes.

Our intrinsic patient first ethos underpins everything we do and we have the credibility to successfully engage and work with all stakeholders, particularly clinicians and patients.

Working with team, we are able to develop deeper data-driven insights and create a shared understanding of the critical issues to be addressed.

Our recommendations, developed collaboratively, identify why things need to change, what needs to change and how to ensure cost-effective and sustainable improvement.

As part of Health Innovation Manchester and the NHS family, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality and affordable service for health and care commissioners and providers.

We provide organisations with the benefits of specialist clinical analytics expertise, improvement support and an independent viewpoint to accelerate improvements.