I hesitate to use a term like “revolutionary”, but the consensus Future in mind achieved across the ‘whole system’ of health, education, social care and youth justice – that so much more could be done to improve the help offered to children, young people and families  – was unprecedented. It helped galvanise the will of
In many introductory courses, we consistently hear lecturers lament that students come into class having not read the book or completed the assignment. Reading remains a core and essential foundational skill, and with the ubiquity of information today, it could be argued that “critical reading” is more important than ever. From “critical reading” stem the
Micro-credentialing combined with Blockchain, MOOCs and free online courses provide sufficient motivation for Higher Education to critically evaluate its long term role in educating the next generation. A changing student population and the continual technological developments puts pressure on education to blend, flip and video classes. Whether teaching face to face, or via distance learning,
Learning analytics, the measurement, collection and analysis of student data to track a student’s progress during their time in education, has become a subject of great interest in the higher education sector. A number of higher education providers and sector bodies such as Jisc are developing the use of learning analytics tools to draw on