“I’m proud of the staff who didn’t give up on me even when I gave up on myself.” Iris Benson MBE shared her experience as a service user with delegates at Mental Health: Moving Forwards – The Implementation Plan and explained how those strengths and skills of lived experience was helping to improve recovery. Mersey
  When it comes to improving the lives of citizens in areas as varied as housing, transport and health, Smart Cities are at the top of the agenda. However, the organisations aiming to support Smart Cities development and growth are in danger of being left behind. Unless they implement the right kinds of technology platforms,
Isabella Goldie
I am yet again delighted to be invited to chair this conference focused on Manchester’s mental health. Last year we saw the launch of the report of the Mental Health Taskforce, ‘the 5 Year Forward View for Mental Health’ and this year as we enter the implementation phase of the government’s recommendations on the Taskforce
  These are the strong views of the Digital Minister for Estonia, where everybody in the population has open access records and use them regularly when they are at home or on holiday in Spain. At such times when taken ill they can share their records with the Spanish Medic, ensure that everybody is clear