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High quality and trusted e-learning for individuals, organisations and communities
Own your LMS and library of courses outright.
No ongoing licence fees, no course credits.
One-time purchase of your branded LMS loaded with high quality courses.
Train unlimited number of learners for a fixed one-time fee.

Our online courses and workshops include:

What if you, your colleagues and their families had open access to a course library that helped to improve mental health and personal resilience?

Our bite-sized elearning courses are used widely as personal development tools, to become healthier, stronger and more resilient.

Our online courses and workshops include:

Mental Health First Response

Whole Organisation Change and Resilience

A range of Personal Resilience Courses

Leadership and Development

‘The staff feedback on the courses has been very positive and as an administrator I have access to all the data I need to run reports and monitor the training.’ HR Manager Manchester

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