Becoming a Wellbeing Champion

  • Becoming a Wellbeing Champion

This short course is an ideal introduction to anyone wishing to become a Wellbeing Champion in their organisation. It does not qualify you as a ‘wellbeing expert’ but gives you a practical insight in to the role of a Wellbeing Champion. Before completing this course you are strongly advised to take at least one of the other courses from the Resilience and Wellbeing list (Developing Mental Strength, Change and Resilience, Managing Stress and Anxiety etc). In the process of becoming a wellbeing champion you will inevitably improve your own wellbeing and, in some ways, become a role model for others.

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • Describe the role of a Wellbeing Champion
  • List the requirements of the role
  • Decide whether they are qualified to become a Wellbeing Champion
  • List some of the Dos and Don’ts associated with the role of Wellbeing Champion
  • 30 Mins - 1 Hour
  • Discounts available for bulk purchases
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