Asset Based Community Development

  • Asset Based Community Development

Co-designed with Manchester-based charity, Forever Manchester, this single unit course has been developed to introduce the principles of Asset Based Community Development to those with an interest in improving lives in local communities, whilst reducing dependency on external funding and professional engagement.

Suitable for professionals or volunteers, the course offers practical guidance on finding, connecting and utilising the wealth of hidden skills and undiscovered passions which lie at the heart of every community. It includes fun ways to ease the process of making and maintaining new connections, and shares valuable thoughts on generating opportunities to get people talking.

Focused firmly on the positive aspects of community life the aim is to support pride, ownership and positive action.

Length approximately 60 minutes.

The Key Learning Objectives

  • Outline the principles of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
  • Describe the key differences between ABCD and more traditional community development models
  • Outline the key steps involved in creating and sustaining community development
  • 1 Hour
  • Discounts available for bulk purchases
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