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Food for Thought

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  • 30 May 2017
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The quicker a child is diagnosed the less likely their eating habits will become entrenched, which ultimately leads to better results and a quicker recovery. Rhodes Wood Hospital understands it can be terrifying when parents are faced with the prospect of their child exhibiting signs of an eating disorder. Most will find it incredibly hard to face dealing with this situation and may try to manage the illness themselves. When they do eventually seek help from their GP they are normally faced with long waiting times before they are seen by the right people.

Sadly, by this time the illness may have spiralled downwards and the child’s condition can quickly become severe.

Early intervention is crucial for children with eating disorders. It is well documented that the earlier a child is treated, the better the results in keeping them out of hospital. With this at the forefront of their minds, the team at Rhodes Wood has developed an intervention service called Positive Steps, which provides a comprehensive assessment with a specialist eating disorder clinician.

Hospital director Sharon Donaldson believes this can help parents who may have concerns about their child’s eating habits.

This comprehensive and affordable assessment is available to anyone on an outpatient basis, and does not require a GP referral. Rhodes Wood Hospital will carry out a nursing assessment of physical health, eating behaviours and thoughts on food; complete an eating disorder questionnaire with the young person, led by an assistant psychologist; and summarise their assessment in a report, giving advice on positive treatments.

Getting help – whatever the eating problem your child may have – is a step in the right direction.

There are many forms of eating disorders that may not be as well-known as anorexia, bulimia or obesity, but which still require attention, such as food phobias; these, although not as severe, can escalate into a more complex eating disorder if not treated early enough.

Rhodes Wood Hospital is there to support you through difficult times and give you advice and direction on the next positive steps to take.

If you have any concerns, contact one of the specialist team members for a chat on 01707 291500 or email

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