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Amanda Jones
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Amanda Jones started Shropshire Supports Refugees at a grass roots level.

SSR became a CIC and now nearly 8 years later, it is a charity in its own right.

With a team around her and in partnership with her local authorites Amanda and her team have helped to resettle 23 Syrian and Iraqi families assisted in the Afghan crisis, and in the past 18 months has needed to scale up in order to support over 600 Ukrainians and 3 asylum hotels with over 500 asylum seeking men in one of the most rural parts of the country.

Amanda has a passion for bringing people together, facilitating offers to support and ensuring everyone who wants to help can do so, safely.

Coming from a career of working for nearly 20 years with children and adults with diverse physical and mental abilities and also abused and neglected children in the care system. Amanda has a passion for researching the effects of trauma on the human condition and seeking accessible solutions for all.

  • My Previous Events

  • Supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers

    • 06-07-2022
    • 08:45 - 16:00
    • Manchester Hall
  • Supporting Refugees and Asylum Seekers

    • 05-12-2023
    • 08:30 - 15:45
    • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre