Cathrine Clarke

Coram Group Head Quality, Safeguarding and Programmes
@ Coram

Cathrine Clarke
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Cathrine Clarke is a qualified and registered social worker and Group Head for Safeguarding at Coram Children’s charity.


Her practice background is in mental health and children’s social work with safeguarding children and adults at the heart in practitioner, educator and regulatory roles. Her work spanned shaping continuing professional development for social workers including multidisciplinary training, international social work,  independent tribunal work for fitness to practise and driving up education standards. At Coram she enjoys  providing safe and sound practice delivery frameworks and systems to enable optimum outcomes for children across a diverse span of services including legal, educational, fostering and adoption, young people’s advocacy, creative therapies and coproduction with some direct leadership of services.  Cathrine lives in London with her husband and lovely dog and enjoys the green spaces, music, literature, theatre and is uncovering a new propensity for learning Gaeilge language  with students across the globe.

  • My Previous Events

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    • 22-03-2022
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    • 28-09-2023
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