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Dr Rosalind Bergemann
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As Chair of Asperger Leaders, Non-Executive Director of Dimensions and CEO of Globalite Management Services, Dr Rosalind Bergemann is shedding new light to correct the stigma associated with Autism in the workplace. As someone who has received many awards for both leadership and mentorship – Chartered Management Institute Mentor of the year Award and the National Managerial and Leadership Award for Consultant of the Year to name a few, she is no stranger to being a successful businessperson. What most people do not know is that she has accomplished this despite being autistic herself.

Without any type of formal or informal support system available to her, Rosalind had to learn to understand and work through the challenges she experienced as someone with autism in the workplace. Today she is able to combine that knowledge from a professional and personal perspective to offer the best advice to others, whether that through her books, her mentorship or through public speaking, so that autism can finally be recognised, not as a mental disability but rather a neurological difference.

She encourages individuals to recognise their strengths to amplify their talent and be proud of themselves as unique and valuable employees, as well as advising employers and support workers how to prepare people on the spectrum for the workplace.

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  • Autism: The Challenges and Opportunities

    • 01-06-2016
    • 08:30 - 14:00
    • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre