Emily Polling

Campaign Director
@ Bang the Desk

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Emily Polling is a student activist fighting for better mental health care in education.  Whilst studying for her MA degree Emily suffered a nervous break down which culminated in a failed suicide attempt. As a result Emily founded a campaign to change the education system called ‘Bang The Desk. Change The Curriculum’. 

Bang The desk is a grassroots campaign designed to drastically reform the way we educate our young people and firmly supports the view that education should be a magical experience not a traumatic one. Stress is not a sustainable way of living. 

There is far too much pressure on our children and young people to learn better, learn faster and to be at the top before they’ve even had a chance to start. Bang The Desk is petitioning the government incorporate mindfulness, wellbeing and better mental health care into the curriculum. 

Emily has struggled with the pressures of education first hand, and is using her experiences to help prevent other students suffering in the same way.