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Graham Worsley
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Graham is the MD of DHACA (the Digital Health and Care Alliance) and is an innovation specialist in digital health and care technologies. He has worked for a number of UK Universities, charities and SMEs . His background is in Government research programmes.
Graham is also currently an associate (research) at Designability, (formerly the Bath Institute for Medical Engineering), and member of the Designability projects and research governance committee.
More recently he has been: Chair of the U Bristol SPHERE (sensors in the home) Project Advisory Board, and chair of the Designability/UWE CHIRON (robotics in care) Project Advisory Board.
• 2007 - May 2014 (retired). Established and then Lead Technologist of the Assisted Living Innovation Platform (ALIP) for the UK Technology Strategy Board (now InnovateUK) a £50M+ programme covering technology R&D, large scale demonstration (the dallas programme), economic and business modelling, and standards.
• 1990 - 2007. Set up and manage various collaborative R&D programmes for Department of Trade and Industry (now BEIS) mostly in mobile telecommunications. Also UK delegate to EU COST TC ICT; EUREKA CELTIC programme and various EU and UK research projects/programmes around the suggested adverse health effects from mobile telecommunications

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  • Digi Health UK: The Future of Healthcare, Digital, Data and Technology

    • 24-10-2019
    • 08:30 - 16:30
    • Manchester Hall