Sarah Johnson Griffiths

Consultant of Public Health
@ Halton Borough Council

Sarah Johnson Griffiths
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Sarah is a Consultant in Public Health and Deputy Director at Halton Borough Council and currently leads a wide portfolio of work from health protection to cancer, mental health to wider determinants, across all ages. She has a deep routed interest in the wider determinants of health and is passionate about building public health into all aspects of local authority, health and community services, with asset based approaches encouraging communities to build aspirations and take control to direct their health, their environment and opportunities. She is the public health lead for the Halton Healthy New Town and welcomes the approach across the wider NHS and partners.

Sarah has worked in public health in the NHS and local authority for almost 20 years, with experience working oversees with an NGO. She also has a background in animal science which offers very interesting perspectives on public health.

In her non work life, Sarah is mum to two small humans and would like to say she loves to read fantasy science fiction books, go hill walking and be a keen archer, but reality just doesn’t have enough time in it!