Sue Foster RN

Director & Head of Curriculum Design, Health Action Training
@ Health Action Training

Sue Foster RN
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Sue Foster is a Lecturer in Nursing. As a nurse of more than 30 years standing, she has worked in a variety of settings and at senior level management. The early part of her career was firmly rooted in the clinical setting before moving into nurse education. She is passionate about Palliative and End of Life Care and has specialised in this field for 20 years - as a Nurse Specialist, a Lecturer in Palliative Care, and as Head of Hospice Education and Research Department. Having focused her academic and clinical expertise in this field she has considerable experience in developing, delivering, and evaluating interdisciplinary education and facilitating professional development. Her specialist interests are Effective Therapeutic Communication and Loss Grief and Bereavement. She has extensive experience in delivering Therapeutic Communication Skills to Health & Social Care Professionals particularly in the realm of Palliative and End of Life care; communication issues in complex situations, breaking bad news, intercultural and multi-professional communication.

  • My Previous Events

  • Mental Health: Supporting NHS Workforce Resilience

    • 11-05-2023
    • 08:30 - 16:30
    • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre