William Kettle

Office Assistant
@ Royal Mencap Society

William Kettle
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William is an honest, outspoken and very funny 28-year-old who works as an office assistant in Mencap.

He’s been in the role for three years after taking part in Mencap’s employment program. The job is a natural fit for William as he finds comfort in the routine of daily work, as well as the accepting environment.

William says, “People are too focused on what we can’t do. They don’t talk about what we can do. If every place was as welcoming to people with a learning disability as we are at Mencap it would be brilliant. When you step into Mencap you feel valued and like you belong- they've always understood me better than anyone else.”

In his spare time, Will enjoys gaming on his Playstation, with a preference for superhero games. He's also a content creator on YouTube. As his taste in video games shows, he’s a big fan of Marvel and DC and loves all things superheroes. Will also really enjoys travelling.

Will hates it when people underestimate him, saying: “People always assume I can’t do something before I try it, but I could well be able to.”
“Don’t judge me before I’ve tried. Let me do things and find out for myself.”

  • My Previous Events

  • Supporting People with a Learning Disability and Autistic People

    • 09-11-2023
    • 08:30 - 16:30
    • The Royal National Hotel, London