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ADI Health is one of the UK’s leading innovators in the field of digital health, with an outstanding track record of developing ground-breaking products and services.

ADI’s MyPathway® is a secure, digital communications channel connecting patients to clinicians and services. It is a browser and app-based application co-designed and tested by users to make it user-friendly for both patients and clinicians to use on phones, tablets and PCs.

The MyPathway digital patient management platform has supported remote assessment, triage, appointment management, PROM capture, virtual clinics and self-management for over 27,000 outpatients since launching in 2017. MyPathway holds a secure record for each patient containing demographic, healthcare, and personally-submitted information.  

MyPathway enables services to manage outpatient clinics digitally: questionnaires, appointment details, self-management resources and personalised goals are pushed to patients according to “pathway” protocols designed by clinical specialists.  The patient app presents information, events, and interactions as waypoints along their unique journey.

Clinicians can monitor/review PROM data, test/diagnostic results and patient progress through a clinical portal enabling decision making for further intervention or patient discharge.

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