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Meadows Psychology Service specialise in working to support children and young people who have experienced developmental and relational trauma. We have significant expertise in working with care experienced children and those who look after them.
Care experienced children have experienced significant trauma in their lives which is usually complex and chronic. The impact of this is amplified by experiences of repeated interrupted attachment relationships. This impacts on placement stability for the children which then exacerbates trauma further as each change of carer triggers experiences of rejection and compounds difficulties with attachment. Furthermore, care experienced children and care leavers are significantly more likely to experience mental health difficulties and have higher rates of self-harm and suicide.
The numbers of care experienced children are increasing across the country and shortage in foster carers. Placement stability is crucial in promoting improved outcomes for care experienced children.
It is paramount to be able to offer a comprehensive, wraparound service, to care experienced children and those who look after them. We will share the services we are delivering to improve the health and wellbeing of care experienced children, including therapeutic parenting programmes interventions, psychological consultation, direct therapy and skills groups for carers and children. We know that children who have experienced significant trauma and attachment disruptions find it difficult to access formal therapeutic spaces, we will share how we work to engage children who have often disengaged from other services. We have also set up a service user involvement project. Early findings will be shared on the positive impact we are having on placement stability and foster carer retention.

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