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Human Factors For Healthcare – A Performance Science Approach

Medled provides High Performance Training and consultancy services in Human Factors and HOP (Human & Organisational Performance), designed specifically for healthcare. The Medled approach brings together the realms of Human Factors & Ergonomics, Organisational Development, Transformational Leadership, Safety Science and Performance Psychology. Medled deliver programmes that truly improve patient safety, reduce costs and improve staff morale.

Why choose Medled?

  • Our expertise in Human Performance & High Performing Teams is provided by those with a background in Elite Sport and Performance Psychology, where the majority of research & development in this field takes place
  • Our expertise in Human Factors & Ergonomics is provided by Chartered Ergonomists, the specialists in this field. It is easy to use ‘Systems Thinking’ as a sound bite without the expertise to deliver it
  • Our training methodology is developed by specialists in teaching & coaching – highly skilled professions in their own right
  • Our dedicated core team & network of highly skilled associates/partners come from a wide range of industries, including from across the spectrum of healthcare. This diversity provides a broad perspective on safety & performance, understanding what can be learnt from best practice across a multitude of industries and environments.

Healthcare’s inherent variation across the various services means that one model of safety does not fit all domains and Medled is uniquely positioned to provide a wide-angle lens on improving Patient Safety across the spectrum of healthcare.

Medled provide a variety of services including;

  • Training courses accredited by Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors
  • Bespoke Team Development
  • Train the Trainer programmes
  • High Performance Roadmaps – your organisational blueprint for Human Factors Development

  • Our Previous Events

  • A New Strategy for Patient Safety-Insight, Involvement, Improvement

    • 16-10-2019
    • 08:30 - 16:30
    • The Studio, Manchester