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The New Futures Network (NFN) is the specialist part of the prison service that brokers partnerships between prisons and employers in England and Wales. These partnerships help businesses fill skills and recruitment gaps, and ex-offenders find employment on release. NFN brokers three types of partnership:

1. Prison industries: businesses set up commercial workspaces in prisons, staffed by serving prisoners.
2. Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL): when risk-assessed people in our care leave prison each day to work for employers in the community.
3. Employment on release: Job opportunities for those released from prison. This can be after seeing a person in our care work in a prison industry, or in a workplace on ROTL.

NFN operates a hub and spoke operating model. The central hub team engages large, national employers, helps take successful partnerships to scale, and coordinates the work of the network as a whole. Regional Employment Brokers (the ‘spokes’), are based across each prison group in England and Wales. They work with the hub team to follow up on opportunities with large companies; and engage small and medium sized businesses based in their areas.

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