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Integrated Care Services from TBS GB provide seamless support for clinical teams to enable care pathways to be transitioned from the hospital into the homecare environment.

With the goals of:

  • Reducing the need for hospital based care
  • Reducing condition management costs
  • Improving the quality of life for individuals with long term conditions.

With the current prevailing financial climate and increasing average age of the UK population, healthcare is facing a challenge to balance quality of care with cost control measures. New medical techniques and treatments are enabling better outcomes for more patients and are shifting needs from treatment of illness to condition management.

This has allowed for different ways of describing quality of care. For condition monitoring and management the needs of the individual move from that of a “patient” to one of a “service user”, and it is in service solution provision that TBS GB are offering Integrated Care Services.

Website: http://tbsgbintegratedcare.com/
ICS brochure: http://tbsgbintegratedcare.com/icsbrochure/
Twitter: @TBSGBintegratedcare
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