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Tellmi is a service that exists to improve mental health in young people. It supports young people with minor concerns or major disorders by providing access to guided peer and counsellor support, personalised information, and specialist services.

Tellmi’s pre-moderated peer support app makes it easy for people to talk about difficult things. Beneath an engaging peer-to-peer social media feed, Tellmi integrates the latest psychological research to promote the development of protective factors such as emotional resilience, stress management, and coping techniques. Users can anonymously post about anything that is worrying them and receive supportive replies from other people of a similar age. All posts and replies are checked by paid moderators before going live with high-risk posts redirected to Tellmi’s in-house counselling team for a private reply. The app features a comprehensive support directory with educational resources in response to the conversations on the app to further guide the community.

Tellmi has supported schools since 2017 and has built a service that provides real-time insights into students’ mental health issues. This enables schools to put targeted and timely support in place. Frequent data reporting allows educational settings to understand the journey students are taking and when necessary take decisive action. This supports better policy and decision-making and provides positive evidence of intervention for both Ofsted and the DfE.

Tellmi’s engagement and delivery team provides relevant and targeted educational resources for SLT, teachers, support staff, and parents. Tellmi aims to ease staff workload by highlighting key issues in the setting and providing appropriate measures of support and relevant resources, creating a holistic whole community approach to wellbeing.

Tellmi helps schools and their students build awareness of how to access immediate and effective support. Available 365 days a year with no need for referrals and no waiting lists.
in 2021, the Evidence Based Practice Unit, which is a partnership between University College London, and the Anna Freud Centre, conducted an independent evaluation of the Tellmi app. The study, which tracked 876 young people over a nine month period, found statistically significant evidence that the Tellmi app improves mental health outcomes for young people. Using Tellmi helped young people to normalise mental health difficulties. It increased confidence, improved mental health self-management, and made young people feel better and less alone.
Tellmi is run by a small dynamic team with strong expertise in research and safeguarding. We care deeply about youth mental health and commit to putting the needs of young people first. Tellmi has been designed in collaboration with over 3,000 young people via workshops in schools and universities, work experience, internships, and feedback forums run via the app.

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