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The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability

  • Thursday, 18 May 2017
  • The Royal National Hotel, London
  • 08:30 - 16:30
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Open Forum Events invite you to join us at The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability conference. This event is a high-level meeting, bringing together professionals and peers working within the health and social care systems and its associated partners, to continue the debate as to the future of the NHS.

The NHS Nye Bevan created has served the country very well and is regarded as one of the best healthcare systems in the World. However, the World has changed and the expectations from the NHS today is a far cry from those of 1948. The NHS is perhaps a victim of its own success, as advancements in medical science, innovations in treatment and improved care regimes have meant we are all living longer but not necessarily with good health. The healthcare system is struggling to keep pace with the extra demands and meeting patient needs is an ongoing challenge.
The Five Year Forward View (5YFV), published in 2014, set out a blueprint as to how the NHS would operate until 2020, ensuring quality personalised care, free at the point of access. New models of care, greater integration, 7 day working, an emphasis on prevention plus a commitment to realise £22bn of efficiency savings are some of the key elements in the five-year vision.

At The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability conference we will be exploring the progress that has been made to fulfilling the 5YFV by 2020. The programme will feature certain aspects of the plan, reporting back on the initiatives that have been implemented and the impact they are having. As we move through 2017, this event is the ideal platform to discuss the very latest measures, such as the development of Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), the further adoption of the vanguard new models of care, future integration plans and the use of the Better Care Fund. A line-up of expert speakers will give delegates a realistic insight as to how the future NHS will look and operate. The conference agenda has set substantial time aside for interactive discussion, knowledge sharing and casual networking throughout the day.

How will the NHS operate in the future?
It is now over two years since the Five Year Forward View (5YFV) was published, laying out plans to transform how the NHS would deliver high quality, personalised care, whilst operating more efficiently to produce £22bn of savings. Now that the initial phase of the plan is well underway with initiatives and pilots in place, such as the new models of care, 7 day working, and integration programmes, the next stage is now here.

To keep moving the agenda forward and to accelerate the implementation of the 5YFV new plans are being established.

Every health and care system in England has been tasked with implementing a multi-year Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), a new approach to deliver the Five Year Forward View vision of better health outcomes, better patient care and sustainable transformation in service delivery. Plans are required to be locally defined and to help ensure that services are built based around the needs of local populations. Although STPs have faced strong criticism from local authority leaders and patient groups; the Royal College of Emergency Medicine as warned that STPs could have a catastrophic impact on emergency care, a recent report by the King’s Fund concluded that STPs offer the best chance of improving health and care services.

The Better Care Fund has been established to further the integration between health and social care providers through a pooled budget to provide better joined up care for residents. In addition to this support it has been mandated that every part of the country is to have a plan for integration between social care and the NHS by 2017, to be implemented by 2020.

The Vanguard Programme currently has 50 sites piloting the new models of working. The government has ambitious plans to have 50% of the country covered by these new models by 2020. To encourage adoption and uptake it is imperative that there is a process for sharing feedback and learning.

Implementing local plans and new models of care are taking place against a backdrop of unprecedented pressure in the health and care system. Ongoing surges in demand and tight NHS finances; the most recent NHS Improvement reports indicate that trusts in England have a record deficit of £2.45bn, mean the challenge to secure the future of the NHS is more testing and pertinent than ever before. The lack of a mention of further funding support in Philip Hammond’s Autumn statement has further stimulated grave concern as to the future financial state of the NHS.

Join us at The Future NHS Plans: Delivering Transformation and Sustainability conference where, without the aid of a crystal ball, we will endeavour to provide an insight as to how, through the transformational programme, the NHS can be sustainable and provide safe, quality and personalised care up to 2020 and beyond.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair’s Opening Address


Keynote Address

  • Roy Lilley, NHS Writer, Broadcaster and Commentator, Academy of Fabulous Stuff (confirmed)
"A Future Focus"
"Sustainability and Transformation Plans"

Every health and care system in England are tasked to produce Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), showing how local services will evolve and become sustainable over the next five years – ultimately delivering the Five Year Forward View vision of better health, better patient care and improved NHS efficiency.

  • Dr Steven Laitner GP, Regional Primary Care Home Lead, National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) (confirmed)
"Primary Care Home"

Primary Care Home is an innovative approach to strengthening and redesigning primary care. Developed by the NAPC, the model brings together a range of health and social care professionals to work together to provide enhanced personalised and preventative care for their local community.


Question and Answer Session


Coffee in the Networking Area


Case Study

  • Jason Gordon, UK & Ireland Health Manager, Texthelp (confirmed)
"Empowering Patients & Enabling Healthcare Staff"

Digital Maturity and Health Literacy are significant challenges the NHS must overcome as they work towards implementing the 5YFV. Learn how to support your workforce and improve patient experience on your digital channels with Texthelp’s digital inclusion and assistive technology solutions.


Panel discussion

  • Professor Nicholas Mays, Professor of Health Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (confirmed)
  • Jane Payling, Head of Health & Integration, CIPFA (confirmed)
  • Anita Charlesworth, Director of Research and REAL (Research and Economic Analysis for the Long Term) Centre, The Health Foundation (confirmed)
  • Harry Quilter-Pinner, Research Fellow, IPPR (confirmed)
"Meeting the Bill – The Future Funding of the NHS"

A new report by The National Audit Office has stated that financial challenges in the NHS are ‘endemic’. With two thirds of trusts in deficit and organisations across the NHS in continued financial decline the NHS finds itself in considerable jeopardy. The report claims the NHS is ‘staring into the abyss’ and ‘the path they are on now leads only to a complete financial collapse by 2020 – the NHS in England alone faces a gobsmacking black hole of £56 billion over the next five years’ In a joint briefing three major health think tanks; The Nuffield Trust, The King’s Fund and The Health Foundation, have warned that to achieve sustainability and transformation will be extremely difficult given the current financial pressures.


Case Study

"Increasing Efficiency and Collaboration Across Organisations"

Delivering Digital Transformation
Increasing efficiency and savings
Demand Management


Lunch in the Networking Area


Chair’s Afternoon Address


Case Study

"Transforming Communications between GPs and Hospital Consultants"

Consultant Connect is a simple telecoms initiative that makes it easier for local GPs and Consultants to talk to each other regarding patient-specific issues. The service is quick and efficient, avoiding busy switchboards and avoiding delays associated with written communication. Outcomes from the c50,000 calls per annum currently going via the system indicate high percentages of referral and admission avoidance in elective, urgent and mental health settings. Making it easier for clinicians to talk to each other seems to make sense.


Sharing Best Practice

  • Dr Lloyd Humphreys, Vice President of Business Development, Patients Know Best (confirmed)
"The Key to Successful Digital Transformation: Integrating around the citizen"
  • Tim Gardner, Senior Policy Fellow, The Health Foundation (confirmed)
"Evaluating the impact of New Care Models"

The Improvement Analytics Unit is an innovative partnership between NHS England and the Health Foundation. The unit will provide quantitative evidence on the impact of new, local health care initiatives – such as the new care models – on quality and efficiency as part of major national programmes and inform learning and improvement.


Question and Answer Session


Afternoon Break


Sharing Best Practice

  • Peter Jones, Researcher & Community Mental Health Nurse, Lancashire Care NHS Foundation Trust (confirmed)
"A Model and Framework for Parity of Esteem"

In this presentation Peter will stress the role history has to play in models of care by presenting a generic model – a framework – that is very applicable to the transformation and sustainability, clinical and social care agendas.


Case Study

  • David Lyon, Director, Meridian Cost Benefit Ltd (confirmed)
"7 Reasons to not conduct a Cost Recovery Project"

There are many reasons not to conduct a cost recovery project whether it be an examination of your purchase ledger or reviewing how much you have paid on complex bills like telecoms or temporary staffing. Here are 7 real-life examples of reasons or perhaps excuses. We’ll also look at some real projects to see if they are really that bad!


Question and Answer Session


Chair’s Closing Remarks and Event Close

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The Royal National Hotel, London

The Royal National Hotel, London

Offering breathtaking views across Russell Square the hotel is within easy walking distance to the British Museum. Well located with Russell Square underground station a 2 minute walk away.

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