Raj Kher

Corporate Business Manager
@ Texthelp

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Raj leads the digital inclusion division within the UK corporate team at Texthelp.

With 20 years’ experience in IT, including 7 years specialising in assistive technologies, Raj actively follows trends in the increasingly digital age that we live in today. We book flights online, secure hotel reservations, apply for jobs, make doctor’s appointments and research the web for offers and information that is relevant to us. There are obvious cost savings for citizens and businesses alike but the digital world is not accessible to everyone. Some citizens do not have the physical access to get online, others cannot afford the technologies required to get online and lastly, some citizens lack the basic skills necessary to go online.

Raj, and his team, have a real passion for digital inclusion. Their goal is to ‘change lives’ by supporting citizens and organisations across the UK to achieve basic online skills.

Contact Raj on tel: 07908 642539 or email: r.kher@texthelp.com.

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