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At Akumen we are driven by the genuine need to make a positive impact to our societies and environments by balancing technology with human insight to deliver systems that leverage and facilitate the increasing convergence of Human and Machine. We make technology relevant, helpful, and critical for decision making where lives matter. Our partners include the NHS, Civica, and Meee.

Akumen’s analytics technology is the only AI-enabled emotion and psychometric behavioural insight engine that delivers a new source of actionable intelligence about historic, real-time, and future behaviours of stakeholder groups. It reveals new perspective and clarity that drives action, innovation, and improvement.

Akumen are providing this intelligence to our partners Meee as part of their Student FUEL Mentoring and Monitoring service designed to improve educators’ understanding of student challenges, retention rates, and students’ self-driven access to mental wellbeing support and success.

  • Our Previous Events

  • Student Mental Health: Identify-Respond-Support

    • 09-11-2022
    • 08:30 - 16:30
    • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre