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Student Mental Health: Identify-Respond-Support

  • Wednesday, 09 November 2022
  • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre
  • 08:30 - 16:30
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In response to extremely positive feedback from previous delegates, Open Forum Events are pleased to be once again hosting the highly insightful Student Mental Health conference. Focusing on the many challenges that students face throughout their educational journey which can impact on their mental well-being, this fourth event is well anticipated and is an important addition to a series of health and social care meetings.

Issues such as transitioning through the various educational stages, expectations to achieve, undertaking exams, socialisation, and peer pressure, can induce stress and impact on the ability to cope. These concerns have been prevalent amongst the student population for all time, however, as Covid 19 continues to circulate throughout society, with continued uncertainty, the mental health of students and young people has accumulatively deteriorated and continues to be negatively impacted at scale and pace.

This must attend conference will feature some of the leading authorities on student matters and will look to establish the extent of the problem, discuss some of the causes, identify risk and seek potential solutions. The programme incorporates key presentations from speakers with both personal and professional experience, allocated time for questions and discussion, interactive engagement, and casual networking.

Open Forum Events is known for its reputation for delivering informative and impactful conferences and this event will not disappoint with its agenda of relevant content, expertise contributors and knowledge sharing opportunities.

The student community has been long been recognised as having vulnerability to compromised mental health, however, with the pandemic escalating prevalence, the need for superior support is urgently required and the Student Mental Health: Identify-Respond-Support conference will be a key opportunity to enable improvements.

Special Offer

In partnership with Embrace Resilience we are offering all delegates a package of free e-learning courses worth £60 when you register for this event.

These courses are used widely across mental health, health, and care sectors. and meet CQC requirements for training and development. In addition to the courses, delegates will have free access to download a toolkit including planners and journals to help with their own personal resilience.

We will send a list of courses from which you can select your free 5 course package after you register.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair's Opening Address


Opening Keynote Address

  • Dr Chris Johnston, Public Policy Analyst , Office for National Statistics (confirmed)
"Student COVID-19 Insights Survey – A Review of a Year of Surveys"

Between November 2020 and March 2022, the Student COVID-19 Insights Survey (SCIS) asked students in England about their experiences and attitudes regarding the coronavirus pandemic, such as if they were following rules around self-isolation, if they were vaccinated, if they were satisfied with their academic/social experience and how their mental health had been affected. This presentation will discuss how the survey was set up, how it changed between the first and last publication, what they key findings were and the impact the survey has had in discussions about students and coronavirus.


  • Alix Robertson, Senior Associate (Engagement) , The Centre for Education and Youth (CfEY) (confirmed)
"What Works to Tackle Mental Health Inequalities in Higher Education?"

The Centre for Education and Youth (CfEY)’s recent report in partnership with the Centre for Transforming Access and Student Outcomes (TASO) explores ‘What works to tackle mental health inequalities in higher education’. In this session, report author Alix Robertson explains the key findings from the research, covering themes including disclosure, targeted support, and evaluation, with the aim of helping practitioners to understand how to identify challenges early and provide the right support to all students.

  • Suzie Shapiro, Mental Health and Wellbeing Campaign Advisor, University of Glasgow (confirmed)
"Supporting Student Transitions"

Students can experience many transitions during their time in school, college and university. Times when they start at a new educational institution, move between different levels of their course, finish their studies and gain employment can prove to be very stressful.



Headline Sponsor

  • Theo Cooke, Student Services Lead, Symplicity and University of Cumbria (confirmed)
  • Honor Rhodes, Head of Student Support, Symplicity and University of Cumbria (confirmed)
  • Christian Stretton, Systems Administrator and Content Officer, Symplicity and University of Cumbria (confirmed)
"Engagement, Student Support and Wellbeing: Connecting the Dots"

In 2020, The University of Cumbria’s leadership recognised that the university needed a new model for managing student support and wellbeing cases due to a variety of in-house systems that were no longer effective in catering for the growing number of enquiries or in achieving consistency of reporting. Symplicity will share how Cumbria has made significant improvements using Symplicity Advocate and ensured that the concerns of students, professional services staff and academic departments are appropriately addressed in a timely manner. We will discuss the impact on student engagement evidenced by real-time data, as well as the university’s ability to proactively support students and prioritise those most at risk via a fully integrated and cross-institution approach.



Question and Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Coffee in the Networking Area


Case Study

  • Kev Clelland, Director of Programme Engagement, YGAM (confirmed)
"Gaming and Gambling: Staying Ahead of the Game and Supporting Students to Prevent Harm"

Advances in technology, a national pandemic and a cost of living crisis mean students are at an increased risk of experiencing gambling harm. We will look at why some students gamble and why they are classed as a vulnerable group, as well as offering advice on how universities can support the students in their care with our City & Guilds assured training, our online resources and ongoing support.

GamCare’s Youth Advisory Board members work with staff across GamCare, providing insights on our content, services, and communications. This offers young people an opportunity for their voice to be heard, meet peers from across the UK, and develop new skills and experiences.


Interactive Session

"How can data, creativity and agency be used to support students' mental health and educators with the fundamental 5 R’s?"

At Meee we are driven by a love of people and learning. Meee exists to inspire everyone, everywhere, every day to Find, Live and Give their Magic. From pupils to CEOs, we’ve helped thousands find their magic to transform themselves, their communities and their organisations.

Our business is founded on the idea that we’re all unique and at our best we can all be magically amazing. By using our values and natural strengths, combined with support from others, we can release the magic that is in all of us to truly thrive.

We are working with a number of schools, colleges and universities to embed our programmes and monitor the impact on the students, the organisation, local communities and economy. By adopting Akumen’s analytics technology, we are able to obtain intelligence that will enable us to provide the resources needed to enable our future workplace generations to thrive.

Our session will highlight the partnership and developments between Akumen and Meee and the amazing opportunities it creates for learners, staff, organisations and communities.

At Akumen we are driven by the genuine need to make a positive impact to our societies and
environments by balancing technology with human insight to deliver systems that leverage and facilitate the increasing convergence of Human and Machine. We make technology relevant, helpful, and critical for decision making where lives matter. Our partners include the NHS, Civica, and Meee.

Akumen’s analytics technology is the only AI-enabled emotion and psychometric behavioural insight engine that delivers a new source of actionable intelligence about historic, real-time, and future behaviours of stakeholder groups. It reveals a new perspective and clarity that drives action, innovation, and improvement.

Akumen are providing this intelligence to our partners Meee as part of their Student FUEL Mentoring and Monitoring service designed to improve educators’ understanding of student challenges, retention rates, and students’ self-driven access to mental wellbeing support and success.


Case Study

  • Martin Davies, Client Onboarding and Product Lead , Mayden (confirmed)
"The Digital Transformation of Student Counselling Services"

With a continued rise in demand for student mental health and wellbeing services, the team at Bournemouth Student Wellbeing Service recognised their need for a digital care record system that could better support them. Paper files were still in use and data loss was a concern with their current system. This session will share their journey and explore iaptus - a secure, flexible and customisable client management solution that streamlines processes and allows services to focus on what matters most: providing high quality care to students.


Question and Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area

A hot, two-course lunch consisting of multiple options will be provided for delegates. We cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy-free; just notify us ahead of time should you have any allergens or requirements.


Chair’s Afternoon Address


Case Study

  • Sarah Hutchings, Head of Engagement, Brain in Hand (confirmed)
  • Amy Salt, Regional Engagement Manager , Brain in Hand (confirmed)
"How an Innovative System of Digital and Human Support Can Increase Student Mental Health and Wellbeing?"

We’ll share how technology can help students recognise their own goals and strengths, create solutions for overcoming problems and aid them towards independently managing time, work, and mental health and wellbeing. Our session will cover how the system builds capability and supports students with their mental health and share real life student stories and outcomes. We will demonstrate how a digital self-management system combining digital tools with human support, has enabled them to successfully transition to university, work towards completing their university degrees and establish transferrable skills that will help as they move on to employment.

"Introducing the Education for Mental Health Toolkit"

The Education for Mental Health online toolkit was designed for university teaching staff on how to support students' wellbeing and learning within the curriculum.


Case Study

  • Yvonne Turnbull, Director of Student Advice and Wellbeing , Liverpool John Moores University (confirmed)
  • Dr Paula Harrison, Director of Student Support and Administration, University of Liverpool (confirmed)
"Developing A Partnership Between Local Universities And The NHS To Develop Mental Health Provision For Students Across Liverpool"

The University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust, Brownlow Health, The Innovation Agency, and the Academic Health Science Network for the Northwest Coast were awarded funding by the Officer for Students to establish a partnership to improve mental health provision for students across Liverpool. The partnership established a Student Liaison Service and UCOPE a service for students who self-harm. Following the successful conclusion of the project, these services have been expanded to include all six HEIs in Liverpool. This session will consider the benefits of this approach, the importance of partnership working and designing services to meet the needs of the locality.


Question and Answer Session


Afternoon Refreshment Break

  • Emma Speed, Director of Enterprise and Creative Innovation Zone, University of Central Lancashire (confirmed)
  • Dr Gillian Rayner, Reader/Associate Professor in Counselling and Psychotherapy, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) (confirmed)
  • Erin Singleton, Artist and Social Prescriber, The Blue Flamingo Café (confirmed)
  • Charlotte Rutherford, Student , University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) (confirmed)
  • Sophie Clarke, Wellbeing Advisor , University of Central Lancashire (confirmed)
"Creative Mental Health Framework- Reducing Mental Health Stigma for the LGBTQ+ Community"

This two year Office for students funded project has worked with students and staff at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and external partners to train students as peer mentors and improve their own self-care. We have worked with Growing Resilience and student wellbeing to train the mentors (3 day course), we have used arts and creativity with Tate Liverpool (6 day course), we have worked with media students and staff to create podcasts and SkyTV programmes and will be having a student led theatre production as a grand finale. Throughout the project we have worked to co-produce as much as possible with students and have student representatives on the project board and the research evaluation team. This presentation goes into more detail about what we have done and the students will speak about their personal experiences.


Sharing Best Practice

  • Hannah Lucas-Motley, Head of Quality and Accreditation, The Royal College of Psychiatrists (confirmed)
"A collaborative approach to improving the Quality of Care in University Counselling Services"

The Accreditation Programme for Psychological Therapies Services (APPTS) is a service development, quality improvement and accreditation network for services providing psychological therapy to adults in the UK. We support teams, including university counselling services, to improve their performance against national standards and provide the best quality of care possible to people needing psychological support.


Question and Answer Session


Chair’s Closing Remarks & Event Close

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Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre

Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre

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From the get-go we strive for excellence in everything we do and our dedicated team of conference professionals go all out to make sure your conference, event or exhibition runs like clockwork.

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