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The Foundation for Positive Mental Health aims to give all students access to a mental skills training programme which teaches how to calm the mind and develop a positive mindset, enabling greater emotional resilience to more effectively deal with student life’s challenges.

Feeling Good App is an evidence-based, NHS-digital accredited, guided self-help audio programme, containing a safe and effective Positive Mental Training programme. 

The app won the Higher Education Award (2019) for supporting student wellbeing with the University of Edinburgh.

It is a mind-body programme derived from sports psychology, taking you through 12 physical and mental exercises. This allows you to develop a positive mindset, letting go of the negative emotional triggers underpinning distress, whilst simultaneously increasing your concentration and focus.

The techniques build a resilient mindset, encapsulated by successful Olympic athletes who work using positive motivations and memories to enable goal-focused success.


  • Immediately helps calm the body and mind
  • Non-stigmatising sports background
  • Aids recovery from mental distress, developing all-round mental wellbeing
  • 12 years evidenced-based development from within the NHS
  • Promotes deeper sleep and concentration
  • Different to mindfulness: it combines physical relaxation with positive outcome-focused visualisations.
  • Supports equality
  • Anonymous

The app offers a whole-college approach, available to both staff and students. Research suggests that the majority of staff and students experiencing poor mental health do not seek formal support; this app reaches these individuals, offering immediate support. 

Uniquely, the app can be used both as a reactive measure, and a preventative measure. All individuals can gain access to, and benefit from, wellbeing support that will help them thrive at college, academically and socially.

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