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Third Floor Systems Ltd develop and distribute StudentCRT, an award-winning student wellbeing monitor. The aim of the system is to save student lives by monitoring their wellbeing and identifying potentially at-risk students. StudentCRT achieves this by unifying attendance monitoring, tutor reporting, marking and other checkpoint data to provide responsible staff with a holistic view of a student's wellbeing indicators. At-risk students can then be identified and followed up personally and quickly, before matters escalate.

StudentCRT has proven successful at the University of Manchester monitoring student wellbeing, but the system could be adapted for use in other domains to monitor the wellbeing of a specific population, for example in elite sport or in the armed forces.

  • Our Previous Events

  • Meeting Mental Health Needs: Practical Interventions to Improve Services

    • 12-12-2018
    • 08:30 - 15:50
    • Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, London
  • Improving Student Mental Health Outcomes

    • 16-05-2019
    • 10:00 - 16:05
    • Mary Ward House Conference & Exhibition Centre, London
  • Safeguarding Students: Addressing Mental Health Needs

    • 26-11-2019
    • 08:30 - 16:25
    • The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester