The Literacy Lifeline: Empowering Through Language and Learning

  • Saturday, 03 August 2024
  • Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre
  • 08:30 - 16:30
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This one-day multidisciplinary conference invites professionals, academics and policymakers from across the UK to engage in vital conversations about early literacy and language development. In line with our theme of "Unlocking Potential," the event will delve into various facets of early literacy, from the impact of socioeconomic status to the role of digital learning tools and parental engagement.

We believe in the potential of every child to become a confident reader and communicator and this event is dedicated to exploring innovative strategies and practices that can help unlock this potential. The conference offers an ideal platform to share research findings, discuss case studies and brainstorm solutions that can bridge the literacy gap.

Through interactive sessions, Q&As and networking opportunities, attendees will gain fresh insights and practical knowledge to implement in their professional domains, whether it be academia, the NHS, local government, education or others involved in providing children's services.

Headlined by keynote speeches from leading academics and a diverse roster of expert panelists, the conference aims to foster cross-sector collaborations, spark dialogue and ignite action in the realm of early literacy and language development.

Join us for a day of learning, networking and collaborating as we work together to unlock the potential in every child.

  • Event Programme


Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair's Opening Address


Keynote Address Speaker

"The Foundation of Early Literacy: Language Development"

This keynote address will delve into the integral connection between language development and early literacy skills. The speaker will present groundbreaking research findings that shed new light on the nature of this relationship and its profound significance for a child's educational trajectory. The talk will also touch on the consequences of speech and language difficulties on reading capabilities and advocate for a unified approach to support and intervention. This keynote promises to provide attendees with a foundational understanding of the synergy between language development and early literacy, setting the stage for the rest of the conference discussions.


Session 1

"The Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Early Literacy"

This session explores the intricate relationship between socioeconomic status and early literacy, delving into how factors such as income inequality, access to educational resources and home environment shape a child's language development and literacy skills. Panelists will discuss current research, intervention strategies and policy recommendations to address these disparities.


Session 2

"Parental Engagement: A Key to Early Literacy"

Parental engagement plays a critical role in children's early literacy and language development. This session will discuss the importance of parental involvement in early education, effective strategies for fostering engagement and the impact of parental literacy skills on children's learning outcomes. Panelists will provide practical tips and share successful initiatives that have boosted parental participation.


Headline Sponsor


Question and Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Networking Break and Coffee


Case Study


Session 3

"Digital Learning Tools: A New Frontier in Early Literacy"

Digital tools are transforming the way children learn. This session will explore how these tools can enhance early literacy and language development, focusing on their benefits, challenges and potential in the modern learning environment. The panel will showcase innovative learning tools and discuss how they can be effectively integrated into early education.


Case Study


Session 4

"The Role of Libraries in Promoting Early Literacy"

Libraries play a crucial role in promoting early literacy by providing accessible resources and engaging learning opportunities. This session will examine the role of libraries in children's literacy development, explore how libraries can collaborate with schools and communities and discuss strategies to utilize library resources effectively for promoting early literacy.


Question and Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Lunch in the Networking Area

A hot, two-course lunch consisting of multiple options will be provided for delegates. We cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy-free; just notify us ahead of time should you have any allergens or requirements.


Chair’s Afternoon Address


Case Study


Session 5

"Addressing Special Needs in Early Literacy Development"

Children with special needs may face unique challenges in literacy development. This session focuses on strategies for supporting these children in their literacy journey, covering inclusive teaching practices, tailored intervention strategies and the use of assistive technologies. The panel will share insights into creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment that caters to diverse learning needs.


Session 6

"The Impact of COVID-19 on Early Literacy and Future Implications"

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on education, including early literacy and language development. This session will discuss the challenges and lessons learned during the pandemic, the effects of remote learning on early literacy and strategies to support children and families in the post-pandemic era. Panelists will reflect on their experiences and discuss how we can better prepare for future disruptions.


Question and Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Afternoon Refreshment Break


Session 7

"The Power of Bilingualism in Early Literacy Development"

Bilingualism can offer cognitive benefits and enhance literacy skills. This session explores the intersection of bilingualism and early literacy, discussing the benefits of early exposure to multiple languages, the impact of bilingual education on cognitive development and ways to support bilingual children in their literacy development. The panel will delve into research findings and share practical strategies for implementing bilingual learning.


Session 8

"Incorporating Multicultural Education in Early Literacy"

As our society becomes increasingly diverse, it's crucial to address multicultural education in the context of early literacy. This session will explore the benefits of incorporating multicultural elements in early literacy education, the role of culturally relevant books and materials and the impact of this approach on children's understanding of diversity and inclusivity. The panel will provide practical strategies for integrating multicultural perspectives in early literacy instruction and discuss how this approach can foster a sense of belonging among children from diverse backgrounds.


Question & Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Chair's Closing Remarks and Conference Close

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Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre

Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre

Pendulum Hotel & Manchester Conference Centre is the ideal solution when searching for conference venues in Manchester. Top-of-the-range conference suites, 3 star value hotel accommodation, delicious dining and friendly service are the ideal components for a successful conference or event in the heart of the city centre.

The 18 conference rooms are decked out with all the mod cons including state-of-the-art AV technology, projectors and screens, free Wi-Fi and flip charts. Our clients cover the whole spectrum and include government organisations, trade unions, large corporate companies, non-profit organisations, health and education sectors and small to medium-sized businesses.

From the get-go we strive for excellence in everything we do and our dedicated team of conference professionals go all out to make sure your conference, event or exhibition runs like clockwork.

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  • Early Years Teacher
  • Primary School Teacher
  • Child Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Therapist
  • Early Childhood Education Researcher
  • Pediatrician
  • School Counselor
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Family Services Coordinator
  • Education Policy Advisor
  • Education Consultant
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Academic Researcher in Early Childhood Development
  • Literacy Coach or Specialist



  • Early Years Curriculum Developer
  • Children's Librarian
  • Parenting Program Coordinator
  • Director of Children's Services (Local Government)
  • Child Development Specialist
  • Social Worker
  • Public Health Advisor
  • Children’s Book Publisher/Editor
  • Education Technology Specialist
  • University Lecturer or Professor in Education or Child Development
  • Children's Services Manager (NHS)
  • Child Welfare Officer
  • Nonprofit Leader (in education or child welfare organizations)
  • Family Support Worker.