Safeguarding Children 2023-London

  • Thursday, 16 March 2023
  • The Royal National Hotel, London
  • 08:30 - 15:45
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The term "Safeguarding Children" is defined as "the process of protecting children from abuse or neglect, preventing impairment of their health and development, and ensuring they are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care that enables children to have optimum life chances and enter adulthood successfully".

In recognising the paramount importance of safeguarding children and young people, Open Forum Events have hosted two sell out events in Manchester during 2022. It is with excitement we announce that the Safeguarding Children 2023 conference is moving to London  

Every day, throughout the UK, the safeguarding system protects many children who are at risk of experiencing harm, abuse or exploitation. However, the recently published report from the Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel has concluded that the tragic deaths of Arthur Labinjo Hughes and Star Hobson are “not isolated incidents” and the way child protection is approached needs to “change fundamentally”.

This conference will highlight new developments and address some of the challenges to ensure our children are kept safe from harm and their welfare protected.

The agenda will feature expert speakers in child safeguarding and is designed to bring together all stakeholders for a day of information sharing, discussion and networking to ensure children are kept safe from abuse and neglect.

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Registration and Coffee in the Networking Area


Chair's Opening Address

Speaker TBC, Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) (confirmed)


Keynote Address

  • Tim Loughton MP, Chair , All-Party Parliamentary Group for Children (confirmed)
"Effective Joined-Up Response in Safeguarding."

The national child safeguarding practice review into the murders of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, 6, and Star Hobson, 16-months, has recommended that experts in police, health and social work should form dedicated multi-agency teams to investigate allegations of serious harm to children.

  • Kenny Gibson, National Head of Safeguarding, NHS England and NHS Improvement (confirmed)
"Making every Contact Count-Supporting Safeguarding Practice in the NHS"

NHS England is dedicated in ensuring that the principles and duties of safeguarding children and young people at risk are holistically, consistently and conscientiously applied every time person accesses NHS services, making every contact count.

  • Gabrielle Shaw, CEO, National Association for People Abused in Childhood (NAPAC) (confirmed)
"Trauma Informed Practice"

Trauma-Informed Practice is a strengths-based approach, which seeks to understand and respond to the impact of trauma on people’s lives. The approach emphasises physical, psychological, and emotional safety for everyone and aims to empower individuals to re-establish control of their lives.


Question & Answer Session

Allocated planned time for speakers to receive questions from the audience and induce further discussion.


Coffee in the Networking Area


Jo Lovett, Senior Research Fellow, London, Metropolitan University (invited)

"Identifying and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse within Complex Safeguarding Approaches"

Complex safeguarding is an approach responding to criminal activity, or behaviour associated with criminality, involving children and adults, where there are concerns of exploitation and/or safeguarding concerns. Typically involving teams across social work, policing and other professions, this approach brings agencies together to tackle exploitation: most commonly child criminal exploitation and child sexual exploitation

"Safeguarding Children and Young People with Disabilities"

Children with additional needs (including SEND) are at increased risk of abuse and neglect and sometimes indications of abuse are harder to identify.


Dr Danya Glaser, Visiting Professor in UCL Psychology & Language Sciences and Honorary Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Great Ormond Street Hospital (invited)

"Fabricated or induced illness (FII)"

Fabricated or induced illness (FII) is a rare form of child abuse. It happens when a parent or carer exaggerates or deliberately causes symptoms of illness in the child.


Question & Answer Session


Lunch in the Networking Area

A hot, two-course lunch consisting of multiple options will be provided for delegates. We cater for all dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten/dairy-free; just notify us ahead of time should you have any allergens or requirements.


Chair's Afternoon Address


Speaker TBC, South West London and St George's Mental Health NHS Trust (invited)

"Award Winning Child Friendly Safeguarding Policy"

While the South West London & St George's Mental Health NHS Trust already had a Safeguarding Children Policy, a child friendly version has been designed and written in a way that will make sense to children and young people, so they know how and where to get help if they have a problem.


Anna Edmundson, Head of Policy And Public Affairs, NSPCC (invited)

"The Consequences of Domestic Abuse"

Domestic violence has a devastating impact on children and young people that can last into adulthood. There was a 33% rise in domestic violence reports during the COVID-19 lockdowns and overall safeguarding concerns increased by 20%.


Sarb Bhambra, Principal Social Worker for Children, Coventry City Council (invited)

"What Makes a Good Child Safeguarding Referral?"

An insight as to how to submit quality referrals to inform decision making.


Question & Answer Session


Chair's Closing Remarks and Event Close

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  • Accrue 8 CPD points
  • Receive an update on the national child safeguarding practice review and its recommendations for collaborative working
  • Hear how the NHS makes every contact count in recognising safeguarding issues
  • Gain an insight into Trauma Informed Practice
  • Understand more about the complex safeguarding in response to sexual abuse and other criminal activity
  • Improve awareness of the safeguarding needs for children and young people with disabilities
  • Learn about the impact of domestic abuse and the long-term consequences for children
  • Gain an insight into Fabricated or induced illness (FII) as a rare form of child abuse
  • Learn how to make quality referrals to inform decision making
  • Listen to examples of best practice
  • Benefit from the opportunity to question, discuss and debate with speakers and fellow professionals
  • Take advantage of knowledge sharing and professional networking
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The Royal National Hotel, London

The Royal National Hotel, London

Offering breathtaking views across Russell Square the hotel is within easy walking distance to the British Museum. Well located with Russell Square underground station a 2 minute walk away.

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