Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE

Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care
@ Oldham Council

Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE
  • Bio

Cllr Dr Zahid Chauhan is a respected GP, committed health and social care activist, local Councillor and appointee to several Boards with oversight of regional health and social care service provision.

Zahid was appointed Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care at Oldham Council in 2018, having built a reputation as a committed campaigner on improving medical provision for the homeless, combating superbugs prevalent in UK hospitals and championing the values of the Trade Union movement in health and social care; opposing outsourcing and the Anti-Trade-Union legislative agenda.

Since taking on his Cabinet Member responsibilities, Zahid has committed to tackling health inequalities in Oldham - particularly the 11-year-difference in life expectancy between residents living in the borough's affluent and deprived areas. Zahid has used his Cabinet platform to further build-on work he did as Chair of Oldham Council's wholly owned social care provider, MioCare; in addition to launching a new social enterprise - Homeless Friendly, encouraging public, private and voluntary organisations to adjust their institutional and cultural approaches to accommodate and provide for the needs of those without a home.

As a clinician, Dr Chauhan and his surgery have been nominated for the UK General Practitioner of the Year award and Zahid continues to pursue stronger rights at work for clinicians as Equalities Officer for the Doctors in Unite group.             

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